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High quality surfing video taken by SIJ as they travel round Japan hunting waves.

We Try and take footage as often as possible and over time will edit and keep only the best of the best.

We will never get it all so if you have footage that is just collecting dust on your hard drive and want to show it to the world send it to us and we will be happy to put it on our site, with full credits to you.

Japan has a huge coast line with amazing waves all year, and already the interest from around the world is gaining momentum. No plans to give away secrets just show some of what the country has to offer.

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The best of the Net Videos.

A random mix of what we think are the best videos out there for free. Some from Japan, many from overseas, most surf related but some just 'MUST SEE'

We love them and know you will too - if you have a pulse that is......

Got something special? feel we should add it here? email the link to

A great video of some Typhoon surfing down in Miyazaki , great stuff!!!

Wow that what you call holding on , good on ya. Stunning stuff.

Wow the best bubbles we ever did see

With Trailers like this nowadays the world of surfing is getting bigger and bigger, hold on tight.

Kelly and Andy raw as it gets - very cool

Lined up Bells Beach Australia. Sit Back and wish you were there.

Monster Jaws - like watching ants surf. Really sucks you in to it...... thats why we like it.

Cypher Quicksilver production - Simply Stunning - shows what's possible with big money. Watch it in full HD

and you will be blown away. 10/10 boys Love it.

Massive Teauhpoo with some great filming 2010 super swell comes in.

Simply stunning video of Pipeline

Super Fun - Flat Day Barrels - keep a Tarp in your Van!!!.

Tahiti, Wow again and again when it comes to this wave.

Tahiti a visual spectacle - its on again - what will 2010 bring us?

The QuadroCoptor HD at Byron Bay Fantastic stuff.

We hope to have something similar soon.

Completely WILD "The Wedge In HD" with a big crowd. Awesome drops.

This stunning video of world champion freediver Guillaume Nery base jumping underwater into Dean's Blue Hole will take your breath away.

Fantastic movie making! amazing.

River Mouth In Fukushima, Japan. sometime in 2009

The Legend himself 'Jery Lopez' in Sendi-Shinko, Nth Japan for a book signing

This is the BBC 'South Pacific' series , truly amazing , mind blowing beauty.

To sum it up it makes you realize that we as humans are stuck in our concrete cages.

Enjoy every moment you have at the beach or anywhere else but your office desk!

Watch the whole series.

The Magic SLOW-MO Wave -The Making

This was bar far one of the best J-bay South Africa Competitions we have ever seen,

The coverage is outstanding Enjoy !