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It only breaks a few times a year.

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Mera is one of the four M's, it's a reef break that really turns on with big swells from the South ~ SouthWest. It breaks on sharp reef and right in front of a vertical rock and concrete retaining wall. If you are not a good surfer and very confident swimmer then this is not a break for you. Taking pictures and Video from the break wall is almost as much fun, you'll see some amazing barrels and serious thrashings.

General Break Information

Mera is fickle and only shows her true colors a handful of times a year, but when she does its an amazing left hand reef wave able to hold almost any size swell if its from the right direction.

Just the paddle out is an adventure, jump in inside the fisherman's port and paddle around the entrance and out into the open swell. Its one thing standing on the retaining wall looking down at the break and quite another making this paddle around into the swells. If it's big the swell an be coming at you from all directions as is refracts back off the wall so you're getting rolled one way then another as as you paddle the 400+ over to the takeoff point.

The Ogasawara island chain creates a shadowing effect and so many swells do not get in or if they get in they have refracted around an island or along the Sagami trench.

Locals know it best and the drive from Tokyo is a long one so unless you can find someone to help you work out when its 'on' it is a difficult one to nail down and get good.

A lot of surfers talk about it but it is hard to find someone who surfs it regularly. Generally once a typhoon hits Okinawa discussions about Mera start. Thats probably enough hints for the more serious surfer to work it out.

The couple of times this author has surfed it the take off zone was small. The actual take off is steep and straight into a very steep wall or barrel. The locals in the water had it wired and were getting very good waves.

MERA BEACH: There is a sandy beach with rocky outcrops that also has a wave, can be fun lefts or rights.

Access: Drive into the Southern most port at the very bottom of Chiba

Round trip from Tokyo: Go around the top or through the Aqua line under Tokyo bay. approximately 100km and 2,000¥ in tolls

Best Tide: mid tide

Best Swell Direction: SW

Best Size: 4 to 8 feet (head to 3x overhead)

Best Wind: N

Perfect-O-Meter: 8, (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Rock Reef

Access: Very bottom of Chiba

Crowd Factor: Holidays 3, Weekdays 1 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo Station)

Local Vibe: Protective

Water Quality: 2 - (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: Drive to convenience stores and a supermarket.

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This is a fantastic video shot on Aug 3rd 2011 by a local pension owner

showing how fantastic this break can be it has an almost perfect left hand tube when everything lines up amazing.

Click image left for video.

Below are a few more top videos. - Great Video Of Mera Cranking

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One more outstanding video shot by our same friend , down south in Chiba, yet anouther typhoon rips towards the coast and turn this place on,

a lot of locals said it was almost the perfect swell. some super good rides had on the day.

Click image left for video.

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