June 2014

Below is our archive of daily wave report photos from June 2014. May 2014 CLICK HERE

Monday 30th June 2014 - Morning to one and all after what was a pretty special weekend , we had a lot of friends out at SIJ HQ and some of our sponsors to. Dave Yamaya came round to pick up his new board and give us a demo of the Liquid Eye water housing which was fantastic. We even sorted out 3 of the boards from the locker that had some damage so they are ready for the line up this summer. Then on Sunday afternoon the swell turned on and i had one of the best inside full tide SUP session all year, countless waves sucking and running over the sand bar to perfection, really pushing my ability's and riding a new center stubby which makes the board that little bit looser. Today wave wise though we still have some nice sets rolling in wind is still very light down south and as long as you get the timing right there will be a few similar session today like yesterday. As we round out the end of a month and move into the next we say good by to a pretty darn good month of surf and say hello to the Summer season. Packed beaches roads and lots and lots of great BBQ food. NICE See you out there.

Friday 27th June 2014 - Well folks looks like the weather is going to hold up a little bit which is great and they even have change it for the weekend and looks mainly like things will remain dry. Swell wise today we are still waiting for that new swell to roll in but it is on its way more on that in a sec, if your out hunting this morning you will need to be up north as that is the only place we can see swell coming in right now. Water is warm winds nothing at time of writing so should be some fun little sessions to be had. Back to the weekend and we expect the new swell to push in hard from tonight and by morning things should be in the 1-3ft range light variable winds tomorrow before late Saturday into Sunday the size will jack and the winds turn off shore , Sunday morning will be a short period swell so lots of waves but should be clean so a shallow sand bar A-frame style session could and should be on the cards. We hope you have fun , get out there and enjoy it.

Thursday 26th June 2014 - Morning to one and all, wave wise today folks things are still very small and we are very much stuck in the middle of rainy season yesterday we had another wave of serious storms run and and through Tokyo the lightning and thunder was very impressive it even knocked the power out which we have to say is rare in Tokyo. If you are looking for a wave today really the best place to be looking is north Chiba or round the hook and into Ibaraki there are some knee to waist conditions to be had for those that want them. Wind is still very light indeed so expect glassy conditions. As we move towards the weekend swell should start to arrive from the south but it will swing and come more easterly quickly. Winds are going to be the biggest issue this weekend really will be a weekend of sitting watching and jumping in when things get good. Enjoy your day. Looks like Tokyo may be wet again.

Wednesday 25th June 2014 - Good morning folks on a slightly damp morning, we had the mother of all thunder storms roll through town yesterday Shinjuku was hit non stop for over an hour with huge thunder bolts and torrential rain pretty impressive to see. In other news as well we have woken up to bad news that Japan is out of the world cup after there defeat. Im sure a lot of bar owners will be saddened by this news as they have been pretty busy as of late with the games etc. Back to the surf and today though , well its basically mid week flatness yet again there are a few ripples to be had but head for the shallow breaks to get those working sand bars. Best for a spot SUP and Kayaking or even fishing if you ask us. Weekend looks like rain but also with a chance of some swell, have a great day whatever you get up to and we hope to see you in the water soon.

Tuesday 24th June 2014 - Well folks we can finally say the run of great swell has finally come to an end as we woke up this morning to only 1-2ft conditions. Still not bad but nothing to get frothing about. Even yesterday had great waves though and Nijma just out from Tokyo really was getting some quality surf pushing in. Today though is more about fishing or relaxing though. This time of year is closed season for the Awabi and Shell fish divers so tthey all turn there hands to flat fish fishing, last weekend a monster of a fish was caught at Hebera Beach on a shore cast rod, and whopper at 1m 32cm flat fish it took more than 30 mins to land and then caused quiet a stir as the beginner hauled it up the beach to the car park. Next time you head out to the beach take a rod and see what you can land for the BBQ there really are a few good ones to be had. Enjoy your day what ever you get up to.

Monday 23rd June 2014 - Morning to one and all after another fantastic weekend of surf and fun here in Japan. We had great waves all weekend with the best size to be had on Saturday some sets pushing shoulder high but good tides and light winds so the riding was good. We are also kicking of this week with one more nice swell coming in from yet another fast moving little pressure system passing us by its also far enough out in the Pacific to mean that the wind will not effect us. Kanagawa in the waist to chest size Chiba much bigger up to head high. Tides same as yesterday good all day and the winds light. Crowds will be light as well so well worth making the effort to get out there. If you do have a great day. A huge thank you today to Dave Yamaya for dropping over yesterday with a gift for SIJ HQ a stunning piece of his work for us to hang on the wall. Pictures here.

Friday 20th June 2014 - Well folks we had a sick day yesterday and we are looking like more of the same today ! YEW! yesterday though most places had waves with little to no wind where as today the south wind has come up with the swell so Kanagawa is hard on shore but Chiba is still in many places off shore. Typhoon 7 back swell is strong and we have waves in the over head range at times but with most around chest to head high perfect sand bars and sunny skies . The top place of the day though is Nijima island that is on fire big swell pushing in and perfect off shore at Habushi beach our good friend and pro rider Akkiko Sato will be pulling into a few sick barrels for sure today. Weekend is also looking fun with the biggest swell tomorrow morning before things back off by Sunday weather will take a turn on Sunday as well. Have fun and see you in the water.

Thursday 19th June 2014 - Good morning folks we have SWELL and lots of it coming of the super fast moving low pressure system that has whizzed up from down south. Kanagawa has a little bit of magic happening this morning with some nice 2-4ft conditions as does IZu then we move round into Chiba which at time of writing is getting the full brunt of it, many places are still a little messy but the reefs are on fire. During the afternoon things should clean up a lot and we will be left with some perfect conditions well worth getting out there for a bit of it. Weather wise its going to be hot and sunny today and tomorrow but things will grey up during the weekend and we may have some rain over Sunday. Swell will back off but there will be a few little rollers to be had for those that can only get out over the weekend. Have a great day and we will see you in the water soon.

Wednesday 18th June 2014 - Well folks it looks like we are looking at the midweek flats here. Very small little to no swell at all today and only a few breaks really have enough waves to get up and riding in any format today what so ever. The good news is that we are going to see a very very fast moving low pressure system run up the coast over the next 72 hours that will bring some surf to our shores but even that will be short lived and i would say moving into the weekend things are looking small again. Beach bars are going up all over the place at a rate of knots now, beach cleans are in full swing most weekends as well which means summer season is almost upon us yet again. Water is warming up nicely and many photos show folks in board shorts or just a tuper top. Have fun be safe and we hope to see you in the water soon. Thanks to all our readers for your daily comments.

Tuesday 17th June 2014 - Morning to one and all, we have a little bit of cloud cover today in and around Tokyo but the heat is still with us. Wave wise today though things have backed of a lot and we really are back down into the 1ft range especially over the high tides. Look to get out somewhere where there is a shallow sand bar to increase your chance of scoring. In other news the long range forecast is starting to look good for the weekend so there should be some waves around as we are going to see 1 more low pressure system come out of the south and race up the country. It may bring some rain on Sunday but surf and rain we can deal with. Have a great day and we will see you in the water. Or at HQ for a BBQ some weekend, all are welcome.

Monday 16th June 2014 - Morning to one and all this perfect blue sky day here in Tokyo wow not a cloud in the sky and its warm with little to no wind. Well we had a fantastic weekend out at SIJ HQ which is based in Chiba, we had the owner of airSUP come down with a stack of his new boards for a photo session with some of the SIJ team riders. It also meant that Dane also got to get some shots in the can of him SUPing which i know he was stoked about especially as he is of on a 10 day all star pro trip to the Mentawai's at the end of next month. They also got to hang out and surf with their good friend AJ and mates from OZ (good to see ya guys) All this was topped of with a stonker of a BBQ Saturday night and a solid beach clean and bonfire on Sunday. Today wave wise is similar to yesterday small but if you pick the right sand bar there are some quality waves to be had little to no wind all day and the water is starting to warm up really nice. Have a great day and we will see you in the water. Or at HQ for a BBQ some weekend, all are welcome. ( http://www.air-sup.com )

Friday 13th June 2014 -Good morning to one and all on what has turned out to be a fantastic sunny day here in Tokyo although the weather man is saying we may have some rain later in the day. The Typhoon has now been downgraded to a low pressure system and is moving north fast but it has a very long tail on it and has a lot of swell behind it as well so we should see some fun conditions through out the weekend. Today will be a mixed bag depending where you are the winds may be strong and from the south in some parts meaning on shore in other perfect off shore. Size wise today many places well over head although still a bit messy , as we have already said though tomorrow morning could be Epic! Tides tomorrow will be a little full super early on but they are going to go down to a super low of 0.0 which means sand bars that don't normally work will be working , don't you just love it when there is a full moon and swell. Going to be a very very exciting day! We hope to see you out there at the weekend. Ps there will be a BBQ at SIJ HQ on Saturday night drop us a line if you fancy coming. Just bring some beer and snags!! Summer is almost here. Yew..

Thursday 12th June 2014 -Well folks good morning to one and all on what is officially a Typhoon No 6 MITAG day she is racing up from the south and should just be of the coast of IZU late tonight and then by Friday night of the coast of Ibaraki. We have the rain at the moment not so much wind but that will turn up tonight/tomorrow. There are waves to be had over the next few days but as we always say only experienced people should venture out during Typhoons as the dangers of surfing are at there worst during these times. Looking ahead though the weekend is looking stunning with blue sky's and warm weather and yes waves !! Yew. Im sure many will be excited as this will mean back to back weekends with quality surf. If your working get the job done and get out the door do your checks and hit the road early. Surfing in Japan is always what you make of it. Enjoy and we will see you in the water soon.

Wednesday 11th June 2014 -Well folks similar today to yesterday we have to say grey sky's and small swell but the good news is in Ibaraki the fog seems to be finally lifting after many days of almost white out conditions. Top half of Chiba is looking like the best place to score waves again today with a smattering of surfers out and about riding when we checked the webcams today. Long range is looking like we will get a fast moving low pressure system come up from Okinawa over Thursday and Friday bringing big swell and rain but Saturday it will clear up and leave us with blue sunny sky's and great off shore winds with possibly a really good weekend of surf. So we are totally stoked on that. Have a great day whatever your doing and we will see you in the water soon.

Tuesday 10th June 2014 -Morning to one and all a real mixed bag out there today folks we have to say, now for some of you in Ibaraki you still have super thick fog other down in IZU you are bathed in glorious sunshine impressive. For those of us based at the coast in Chiba still damp under foot and very grey and at time of writing Tokyo still not bad. Wave wise we still have a small amount of clean swell rolling in but mainly only the middle of Chiba and up to be honest. We will dig around into the long range a little bit more as well as the day goes on and update you all via Facebook so look out for that. Have a great day if your in the water if not dream about long left and right waves!

Monday 9th June 2014 -Wow folks what can we say this morning apart from there is still swell and its was Cranking at the weekend. Truly sick weekend Chiba got some serious swell well into the head an a half range Saturday was a we bit stormy but for those that know where to look some of the reefs were working to perfection. Sunday was however the pic of the days with little to no wind and clean broken swell coming all day the reefs were working as were the sand bars. Take a look at our Facebook page for evidence. Back to today though down south IZU is bathed in Sunshine right now with small swell, Kanagawa a small amount of swell getting in but Chiba still the best place although the weather has gone grey yet again but who cares when there are head and a bit sets breaking ,crowd numbers will be light today as well so lots to be had for sure. Get out there and enjoy it if you can we will see you in the water soon. Cheers.

Friday 6th June 2014 -Morning to one and all in what we can now say is the start of the rainy season it rained cats and dogs late yesterday and looks like it will not let up now for another 4 to 5 days straight. The great news though is we have swell and stacks of it. At time of writing the good stuff was pumping into Kanagawa real quality little to no wind on it as well some breaks also looked to be pretty quiet so some top sessions to be had for sure. Moving around into Chiba things were still a little bit stormy and junky but as we move into Saturday things really should clean up nicely and we may be left with quality surf. The storm is moving slowly though and bobbling around direction wise but im pretty darn sure at some point over the weekend things should clean up enough for some wicked surf. Its been a few weeks now since we had big surf on the weekends so im sure there will be a lot of smiling faces. As always we hope to see you in the water Thanks

Thursday 5th June 2014 -Well folks the weather has finally changed after what seems a very long time. Just for the record yesterday Hokkaido got up to 38 degrees which was a 90+ year record wow. We now are looking at a few days of rain and cloud and mixed winds as the low that was down south slowly grinds its way up the coast. The good news though is that it will bring some swell with it not massive by any means but swell all the same and at time of writing the place getting most of that swell is south so Izu and Kanagawa both had quality surf but not quite getting into Chiba and nothing at all in Ibaraki. The swell will actually peak as well on Saturday which is great news but the winds are looking like they will be hard east with only a small window early on Saturday where they are off shore. Prepare for a large funky and junky weekend.

Wednesday 4th June 2014 - Similar day out there today folks to yesterday Fog in some parts and sunny in others a few small waves to be had at some breaks and flat as a tack in others. Change is in the air and a weak low pressure system is moving up from down south it will bring a small amount of swell with it but it will also bring a change in this perfect weather the out look is cloudy with Drizzle for at least 3 days . This could be the start of the rainy season? its always a bit of a blurred line if yo ask me. In other news beach bars are going up at a crazy rate this year soo many soo fast wow! Fiji pro on today good waves and great surfers what more do you want. We hope you get wet today and put a smile on your face.

Tuesday 3rd June 2014 - Morning folks on yet another rather foggy day depending on where you are living eh. Straight into it then today and to start with wave wise things are looking FLAT , FLAT ,FLAT out there today pretty much all breaks are down into the ankle to knee high size and only the breaks with nice shallow shelf's are working everything else is FLAT. A fisherman's dream , by the way the fishing this time of year is fantastic the Agie (Spanish Mackerel ) Season is about to kick in big time as is the shell fish season. From now on when you hit the coast your see all the local lady's don their masks and wet suits and head to the bottom in search of local ocean treasure for the BBQ. Looks like the weather may take a turn later this week with that low moving up from the south but it will only be light rain not heavy so nothing major to worry about. Have a great day whatever you get up to and we will see you in the water soon.