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This is one of the Norths most famous breaks so im sure it will not be long until one is up and running, although it is surfed by a very serious crew all year round so there will be politics involved for sure.

Photos Taken on good days.

Sendai Shinko, Miyagi

Main surf break,

(SlowSurf) not updated everyday, only when the surf is good or there is a competition.

His photos are top class worth checking out after each swell - dream waves.

Daily Photos.

Sendai Shinko, Miyagi

(The Surf Company) 4 daily pictures, Good quality and a very reliable site

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Photos Taken on good days.

Sendai Shinko, Miyagi

Main surf break,

(SlowSurf) not updated everyday, only when the surf is good or there is a competition.

His photos are top class worth checking out after each swell - dream waves.

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This is the pride of the north or the Jewel in the crown, and a absolute mecca for Surfing in Japan.

Simply stunning waves can be seen here and it for sure has one of the best beach break setups going, with full stand up barrels on its day. Some people even relate it to being similar to the waves in Europe , but i would say they are better.

There is a huge local crew that surf here, and it is also well serviced, on busy weekends by a local Sandwhich and hot-dog Van which can be found in the main parking lot, with little tables and stools for people to sit and have lunch on.

August 2011 Update: Almost no-one is surfing in Sendai, the waves are sometimes perfect but the beaches are still inundated by rubble and debris from the EQ and Tsunami and the are constant aftershocks.

General Break Information

Because it is so far North from Tokyo it really has a completely different weather and swell pattern to our normal focus points, that why if you can we would advise you to try and hook up with a local surfer to get that up to the minute surf info and also the full in and outs as to where to go.

During the winter time it can get very cold here , and you will often see surfers in the line up wearing full dry suits, even 2ft of snow on the beach wont stop them. Because it is so protected from the Ojika Peninsula waves in the winter can often be small, however from Spring through Autumn the bay creates a funnel effect increasing wave size and producing world class beach breaks. You will still need a full 5/3 till summer though and only then you will be able to get away with a 3mm or a spring suit.

The town of Sendai itself is a big city with plenty to do, so it is easy to stay up around this area for a few days .

Access: You can take the Joban Express way to within about 80kms then its beach road the rest, the Tohoku Express way goes direct to the city and is probably the best road to take if you are trying to get there quick

Round trip from Tokyo: Around about 300km or a good 4.5 hour drive in the early hours of the morning but coming back day time can take a lot more. with the Cheap tolls it is only 1,650 yen but if you travel outside of this the tolls alone can be 6,000yen plus.

Best Tide:

Best Swell Direction:

Best Size: (waist to overhead)

Best Wind:

Perfect-O-Meter: (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)



Crowd Factor: (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo

Local Vibe: A massive crew surf here and it can get as busy as some of the more famous southern beaches as well.

Water Quality: (the shit factory is tightly controlled) (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: Dennies,

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Some great waves coming in on a summers day, wow so much fun.

Huge sets rolling into Sendai-Shinko with some great waves being ridden , a really fantastic video

Massive swells roll into the bay, and some surfers are out doing there best to tear them apart.

A smaller day but very clean waves, with a great crew of guys riding them, these are the days we all wait for fun with your friends, and a guy on the beach with his video. Great stuff

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