August 24th -September 3rd 2011

This was a true "EPIC" typhoon in all accounts, it started as a little low pressure system sitting out in the pacific that morphed into a double storm then back into a single monster , it got held up and even turned around at one point by one more Typhoon down south, only to finally move into the Chiba coast line at an really slow pace and bringing with it amazing surf that on many days was triple over head with a perfect off shore wind. This is one we will never forget , on this page you will find some links and videos as well as some photos from the time around this Typhoon. We hope you enjoy as we really did.

Top session Heisaura with only 4 of the SIJ crew out double and a half over head with 200m rides all day long perfect left hand perfection.

The photos below are taken from a couple of sessions at Maruki Reef on Saturday 28th August 2011, great sessions with only a hand full of people in the water, this was the first of 2 amazing days of surf.

A few more great videos of this perfect storm .

Beow pictures are from our friends website in Okinawa check them out "Click Here"

The below Pictures are from Hokkaido showing that this storm really did send Epic conditions to the whole of Japan at some point or another.

Pictures below from Hokkaido and our friends at http://hakodatesurf.blog72.fc2.com/

Check out there site forr daily pics of this area. Just remember you booties.