July 2014

Below is our archive of daily wave report photos from July 2014. June 2013 CLICK HERE

Tuesday 22nd July 2014 - Well it's official the beach season is in full swing , with Ocean day yesterday starting it off. We had a fantastic weekend with some guests in from LA for 3 days doing all sorts, surfing, hot spring visits, bike rides, temple watching and also giving our SUP experience a go We also managed to get them down to the Kameda Cup in Kamogawa to watch the Pro's doing there thing. Pictures above as always. Wave wise today is similar to yesterday 1-2ft waves to be had in Chiba but clean and fun. Long range forecast is showing the typhoon heading under Okinawa and not our way but we should se a few nice pulses of swell from it over the week the best of that turning up on late Wednesday into Thursday. Weather wise its going to be a perfect week with clear blue sky's and highs well into the 30's. Put that sunscreen on and go enjoy the ocean folks. Remember if your looking to learn to SUP or get in the water give us a call we are more than happy to help you out. dane@surfinginjapan.com.

Thursday 17th July 2014 - Good morning to one and all on yet another hot and sunny day here in Tokyo and Japan, wave wise again things are looking similar to yesterday just a small S/E swell rolling in nothing bigger than knee high anywhere really but perfect for those new comers to ocean sports. It really is great to see so many smiley faces out at the coast and family's enjoying a good time. We have been really busy ourselves the last few weeks with a lot of folks coming in and out of SIJ HQ right on the beach at Hebera. Good new is that we are finally getting stuff really organized and new big things will kick off in September for us so keep watching this space. Week after next we are off on the Mentawai boat trip for ten days with the Pro crew so expect some good pictures from that neck of the woods from the 1st August on wards. Until then enjoy the summer its beach season. Remember if your looking to learn to SUP or get in the water give us a call we are more than happy to help you out. dane@surfinginjapan.com.

Tuesday 15th July 2014 - Morning to one and all, wave wise what do we have on offer here today well things are looking very small again and with high tides the chance of catching waves is greatly reduced. It will be a mixed bag weather wise as well with the chance of rain pretty high. In other news this week the schools break up and we have a 3 day weekend as its the official start of the beach season , in Japan we call this Ocean Day a national holiday in fact where the whole country is basically told its fine to hang out at the beach now. Look for the roads to be even more busy than normal folks this weekend so head out very early is my suggestion. Long range forecast wave wise is showing some serious action coming up , typhoon 9 will swing down and under Taiwan but 10 looks to grow and get stalled by a large low up north and develop into a small monster then possibly head on a perfect course for Japan. Have a great day what ever you get up to and Remember if your looking to learn to SUP or get in the water give us a call we are more than happy to help you out. dane@surfinginjapan.com.

Friday 11th July 2014 - Typhoon No.8 Noguri finally moving up the coast and by late tonight it will be well up towards Hokkaido, it certainly has been a very very big one that has lasted many many days up here in Chiba we have be spared the worst for sure , Okinawa taking the biggest ht for sure. The good news though is we are going to be left with a stunning weekend 34 degrees and sunny sky's with some nice surf as well. Today though the seas in and around the Tokyo area are going to be stormy and messy early on and we would advise keeping away until the typhoon has moved further north. There may be some fun conditions to be had later on in the afternoon but check the cams before you make that call. Now that the typhoon has passed we have had a few cancellations and have a few spaces left on both Saturday and Sunday in our SUP experience so any one looking to get out on the water for the first time shoot us an email and we will see if we can squeeze you in. Have a great day what ever you get up to and Remember if your looking to learn to SUP or get in the water give us a call we are more than happy to help you out. dane@surfinginjapan.com.

Thursday 10th July 2014 - Wow folks yesterday evening the swell maxed out to perfection up here in the Kanagawa area and we saw 10ft plus lines rolling into the bay and breaking to near perfection. Check out our face book feeds for images. Back to today though and we have finally seen the wind switch and come on shore up here still lots of swell around but not clean anymore , Typhoon No.8 has also made landfall down in Kyushu and is heading our way. Its picked up a lot of speed and will now race over Tokyo sometime tonight tomorrow and be up over Hokkaido by Saturday leaving us down here with perfect stinking hot sunny conditions. Expect a little bit of swell to hang around so there should be some fun ones on the weekend but it will also be a great weekend for the beach houses most which will have there first big weekend. Have a great day what ever you get up to and Remember if your looking to learn to SUP or get in the water give us a call we are more than happy to help you out. dane@surfinginjapan.com.

Wednesday 9th July 2014 - Morning to one and all out there, firstly we would like to take a moment for our friends in Okinawa who are having very much to live with the dark side of Typhoons as they took a direct hit yesterday. We hope you are all ok and please let us know if there is a need for help. The good side of typhoons is that up here in Chiba wow there were some great waves on offer yesterday shown above. Kanagawa and down was getting super long period 16 second plus swell, it was a broken swell as well which meant lots and lots of waves on offer A-fram bombs were rolling into Inamura in Kanagawa which is where i SUPed a fantastic 2.5 hr session with waves sometimes 8ft plus in the face. The wind also played nice which was great. Today we have similar conditions wind is light early on but expect that to change as the day goes on , the Typhoon is now hitting land and will move up the country over the next 3 days dumping rain and bringing wind with it. Surf will be messy and dangerous for most until it passes but we should be in the clear by end of week and left with a perfect 34 degree blue sky day. Have a great day what ever you do we look forward to seeing you out there. Remember if your looking to learn to SUP or get in the water give us a call we are more than happy to help you out. dane@surfinginjapan.com.

Monday 7th July 2014 - Good morning to one and all on the first day of what will be a pretty Epic week swell wise, as predicted we are seeing the first push of swell from Typhoon No.8 Noguri hit Izu ,Kanagawa and Chiba. Stunning 18s Period swell at about 187 degrees already size wise sets are over head. The only issue also as predicted is the wind currently light but on shore so bringing a lot of funk to the situation. As you can see from the graphic above we have had a coarse change in the last 24hrs and the beast will now pass directly over Okinawa not good then dissipate a lot of its energy as it slams into Kyushu. Back to the swell we should see the size grow through the day then peak Tuesday morning at a massive 14ft plus in some places also the wind window looks best for then too. from then on swell size will drop winds will remain fickle so as we always say best thing is to be mobile get to the coast and as soon as its good get in and charge hard. Enjoy your day and Surf Smart folks if your level is not high enough stay out of the water.

Friday 4th July 2014 - Well folks the doom and gloom has rolled into town that for sure today on the weather front. It also looks like it will stay that way right through the weekend. But the good news is that it will not dampen the folks that love and enjoy the beach spirits, as July is summer and that means summer ocean fun. Today wave wise we are looking at small waves yet again as will Saturday and most of Sunday before we start to see Epic Typhoon swell start to arrive from the monster down south. See our Facebook post or the daily conditions pages for further updates. In other news our SUP experience is taking of and we have had a lot of people booking especially on weekends we will try and fit everyone in. We will also be launching our new site soon which make it really clear what we do. SUP rentals , Board rentals , SUP lessons and tours in one of the most beautiful parts of Chiba Katsura National Park. The place we call home. But just for now please continue to email us direct as always to dane@surfinginjapan.com . Have a great weekend and we will see you in the water soon. Katsura Click Here

Thursday 3rd July 2014 - Good morning to one and all on what will be a hot one here in Tokyo for sure. You can really feel the heat in this day building already. Wave wise today is very similar to yesterday small but fun waves on offer if you know where to look and judging from the cams that is North Chiba ,Kujukuri coast line is glassy and clean with nice little peaks up and down the coast. Its so long as well it means you will always find a little peak on your own. Surf schools are kicking into high gear as well with many folks calling to find out where the best place is to grab a lesson. We will list some places later in the week for you all but for now just drop us a line dane@surfinginjapan.com and we will let you know via email. In other news we have the first massive Typhoon of the year heading our way and if things stay on track we should see it hit sometime early next week. Check out our Facebook for updates. Enjoy your day.

Wednesday 2nd July 2014 - Mid week flatness out there folks today very much a summer day with some clear sky's kicking the day off warm air and a flat ocean. Really a perfect day to be out on either your SUP or canoe or even doing a spot of fishing from either. Many beach bars opened yesterday as well but will kick into full swing from this weekend. Its the summer season folks when things go a little bit weird , a lot of top surf breaks suddenly have swim only areas local high school kids patrol the beaches and try to implement rules for a 2 month period. The cops turn their attention to the local breaks as well and you always here the inevitable, that a few people have been lost to the ocean which really is the saddest part. Play safe folks have a great summer don't drink and drive or drink and swim respect the beach and take your rubbish home with you and instead of buying the crap from the convenience store drop into the local restaurants or mama and papa shops to spend your money they really do depend on it.Local community rocks. Enjoy your day and fingers crossed for some surf on its way soon.

Tuesday 1st July 2014 - A new month and Summer Season! Folks yes its here let the games begin, from now on expect TV ads to start showing all things beach orientated, and summer fun too go through the roof. Roads will become busy and surf breaks packed with inflatable devices of all shapes and sizes. Plus if we are lucky we will have the odd solid Typhoon swell roll this way with Epic waves and conditions. One thing is for sure though the temps are going to sky rocket and its going to get real hot real quick. Today we have another windless morning with slick glassy conditions to be had and out in Chiba some surf in the 1-2ft range which if you a long board or SUP owner then it can be an awful lot of fun. The tides are still a little bit fat to start off with but as they drop out at the shallow breaks things will get fun for sure. Long range forecast is showing a rather large Typhoon may develop down south in about a weeks time but as for the rest of this week expect small fun conditions. Enjoy your day what ever you get up to.