A good Camera with 95% up time, Limited Control though. This is Rash Wetsuits HQ. Great for checking wave condition before braving the traffic and the parking goblins. Stoked to have a working camera - keep up the good work guys.

A mix of sand bottom and reef breaks between Inamuragasaki and Koshigoe Port. There are 8 'named' breaks but generally all called Shichirigahama. Each produce a different wave but all work in the same general conditions, with the height of the tide being the main differentiating factor.

Depending on which break you choose and which tide and size swell are on offer you can find clean and well shaped waves ideal for carving and noseriding or walling sections offering fast down the line rides and barrels.

The reefs are exposed on the spring tides and it's common to see the locals are out collecting seaweed for the pot.

The waves along here are clearly defined and break left and right every 100m or so. Hugely popular, there is ALWAYS someone out here no matter what the weather or the waves are like.

The train line stops at 3 stations along this stretch of coast and runs along the beach so if you come by train you can watch the surf from your seat.

Length of the beach from one end to the other is 2.5km

These photos are spectacular, morning and evening uploads. Great quality and his subject matter is an eclectic mix of everyone who uses the beach, including lots of girls surfing, superb results.

We love his work always worth a look at 'today's beach life'. Typhoon days are the best as he focuses on the surf.

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Best Tide: low incoming is better

Best Swell Direction: SSE 170º ~ SW 212º (the Ogasawara island chain runs N~S through the middle of this swell window.

Best Size: 4 to 8 feet (head to double overhead)

Best Wind: N

Perfect-O-Meter: 6 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Sand / Rock Reef

Access: 50km from down town Tokyo, Massive car park overlooking the break (¥400/hr). By train, at Fujisawa get onto the Enoden line and get off any one of 3 stops along the beach.

Crowd Factor: Holidays 9+, weekdays 6 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo Station)

Local Vibe: generally friendly, riders of every craft

Water Quality: 4 - (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: 7-Eleven on the main road and First Kitchen burgers in the main carpark

Surf Shops: Everywhere; rental shops

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2008 Typhoon Session - Good wipeout Video Jan 2009 nice swell - Shoulder high surf - June 2009 - Jan 2009 - waist high surf - small busy Shichiri tyhpoon 20, Oct 2007

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