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Kashima 鹿島

We have been speaking with a few places along this stretch of coast, and are in negotiations with one of them, fingers crossed for 2011

Our regular guy from this area has gone to Indonesia to make a movie, as soon as he is back we will give you the link again

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Daily Photos

South of Onuki this stretch of coast covers about 25km in an almost straight line NNW to SSE down to Kashima Port. The local authorities have built a massive T Bar or concrete pier every kilometer the whole way down.

'Kubo' is listed as a separate break because we know a lot of the locals who always surf there however it is indicative of what this length of coast offers the traveling surfer.

The Famous breaks are: from North to South


Kosmo コスモ an open beach break just south of where The costal Route 51, meets route 354

TOP SANTE トップサンテ The most popular and well know break along this stretch, when ever you mention to Chiba or Shonan surfers that you went to Ibaraki they always ask if you surfer TopSante. Enough warning, if you want ot surf with crowds in Ibaraki then this is one of the places to go

AKASHI 明石 straight out to the coast from the Kashima Antlers Stadium

HAKA Shita 墓下 Seems there is always a break under the cemetery, or, maybe just lots of cemeteries with ocean views

HIRAI 平井 this break has a hook to the east and hence a more southerly wind is OK here, the only real issue is the tetrapods that have been placed parallel to the beach and block 80% of swells from getting in. In a huge South Swell with south winds this can be good, Drive towards the North edge of the huge Port and look for an entrance through a small gate into a metal parking lot, go through this and there is very nice beach side parking. Very popular with long boarders and beginners in normal swell conditions, ie, when the waves are waist to head high.

Access: Take the Higashi Kanto out to the end and head out to route 51

Round trip from Tokyo, 1.5 hours

General Break Information

Best Tide: Usually the low tides are better

Best Swell Direction: NE - East

Best Size: 3-6 ft (waist to head high)

Best Wind: West

Perfect-O-Meter: 3-4 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Sand

Access: See above

Crowd Factor: Holidays 6, Weekdays 2 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo

Local Vibe: Each of the main breaks has its own crew that call it home

Water Quality: 3 (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: Convenience Stores and local restaurants

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Video 1 - Nice clean day with some peelers coming in.

Video 2 - A great sized day in early spring

Video 3 - Early morning with some solid 5footers coming through

Video 4 - Classic Kashima spring conditions.

Video 5 - Classic Typhoon conditions

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