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Unlikely - breaks a half dozen times a year

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Kabune カブネ

Reef - Long right hander and short left

The line-up points are difficult to get sorted as its a long way offshore and in this respect the locals have a definite advantage. The peak moves around based on the swell direction.

One line-up is as follows - With a SE swell there are two Palm trees that line up with the edge of the Marina building, this will have you sitting outside the main take off area but in perfect position to pick off the wide set waves that close out on top of the main pack, the swell needs to be breaking in the double to triple overhead range for this to work.

The Locals are strong here and a lot of them are old guys who watch this place constantly and rarely miss it if its on. However because the wave comes out of deep water and has a relatively easy take off (in most situations) the guys riding longboards get most of the waves. One factor that will work in the favor of shortboarding is when the wind is really strong, holding up both the longboarders and the waves so that they break late and hard. Also if the Typhoon is close and the swell is messed up most longboarders will opt to sit out wide and not risk getting a set on the head.

In general the number of waves you get out here has a lot to do with the craft you decide to ride, the bigger / longer your board the easier it will be to get into the waves early in which case you will get your share of waves if you are a good surfer.

It is much harder to get waves as a short boarder as you will end up competing with the main pack for the waves not taken by the longboarders out the back and you’ve got to be very competent to be taking off right in the peak on the reef.


Breaks only a few times per year

Parking on the road or if busy in a pay carpark, toilets

Sometimes Japans big wave contest is staged here.

Breaks in front of the Zushi Marina, climb over the break wall and down the tetrapods - long paddle out.

Excellent when big or when the right swell direction and low tides come together

Swell window 163º ~ 214º (also Ogasawa island chain block swells)

General Break Information

Best Tide: low incoming is better

Best Swell Direction: SSE 170º ~ SW 212º (the Ogasawara island chain runs N~S through the middle of this swell window.

Best Size: 6 - 10 feet (head + 3ft ~ 3 x overhead)

Best Wind: N

Perfect-O-Meter: 8 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Reef

Access: 50km from down town Tokyo

Crowd Factor: When ever its breaking 8 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo Station)

Local Vibe: Heavy

Water Quality: 2 - (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: Pack it in with you, vending machines for drinks.

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Video 1 - September 2007, Typhoon #9

Video 2 - Big Wave 2007

Video 3 - Cranking session

Video 4 - Zushi famous fireworks

Video 5 - Cool timelapse video of Zushi

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