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With a ffew local surf shops near by this beach really should have a live cam up and running by now, we are starting to talk to the right people and there is a small chance we may be able to help get one up , fingers crossed.

It is also well serviced with toilets just behind the beach as well as free cold showers, a huge play park for the children as well as in the summer months a small outdoor swimming pool opens up.

This part of the beach really has a seaside feel to it and during the summer is where most of the local folk will come to spend their summer days sitting in deck chairs, having BBQ and then there is always a row of beach bars built right on the beach here for the main 2 month summer season.

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General Break Informatio

SeaSide Park is located at the southern end of Kamogawa main beach and is a very well known break with a very strong local crew that surf it as well, although for the most part they are very friendly.

Daily Photos

This surf shop claims to be one of the oldest in Kamogawa is is located right on the beach, it had a full reform in 2011 at the same time the great quake of Sendai struck so there was fear it may have been taken by the Tsunami . It did not , so it looks like the owner will be doing his daily good job of taking 3 daily pics showing the conditions. A great way to check what the local area is doing surf wise.

There are a couple of surf shops close by the main one being called Nonkey Surf that even has a half pipe skate board ramp on its land, they had a full renovation in 2011 and it for sure is worth checking out. Near by there is also a few brand new beach side restaurants that serve great food and cold beer that again if you are staying around for a night are worth popping into.

Car parking is along the road and in the beach car park but be warned it really only holds about 30 cars after this you will have to park behind the beach where the locals like to charge you 2,000 yen for the day.

The main beach can be split into 5 main peaks as follows and is shown on the map below. but basically if you are looking out to sea and working from your right side to the left they will be. (we have given the points names although most people call the whole area Seaside just to keep it easy for you)

Beginners Point

Really a baby wave great for children or first time surfers , you will often find many surf schools here doing there usual routines.

Long Board Heaven

When it big this is the place to be lots of protection but on small days can be packed with longboarders.

Tetrapod Point

Lefts back towards the tetrapods here fast and more of a short sholder break then the main point.

River Mouth

Get more size then the other points and can have a really good right hander on its day, fast with a hard paddle back out.

But the main serious surf-able point to be had. Just look for where the pack are sitting.

Deep Right.

A bit of a walk away down the beach but worth the trip if all the other points are busy , you can en d up having the A-frame style beach break all to yourself on many dayz.

Some of Japans top groms call this place home and a lot of Japan Ariel specialists love this wave, you can often turn up and just not get a wave due to the fitness level of some of these younger kids in the water , when they only weigh 45kg and are riding a 5.4" boards in 4-6ft swell the battle really is futile.

The best thing about this point though really has to be that is is perfectly off shore in a strong south wind so where as up the beach can be closing out on on-shore this place can be on fire, and due to the slightley harder paddle out than normal on the big days it can be pretty empty so you can have a really charging session.

May there forever be Happy Days at Seaside Park !!

Access: Take the Tokyo Aqua line from Tokyo then head down the Tateyama Exspress way , but come of and join Route 465 that will take you over the top of the Chiba hills, great for a clear blue sky day this will then turn into route 24 and take you direct to Kamogawa. Which is well sign posted the whole way along. Once there just drive to the very southern part of the beach and turn left over the river bridge.

Round trip from Tokyo: can be as cheap as 1600 yen one way during the early hours of the morning, but that will go up during the day, you will need cash on the 2 privately owned mountain roads , 200 yen and 300.

Best Tide:

Best Swell Direction:

Best Size: (waist to overhead)

Best Wind:

Perfect-O-Meter: (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)



Crowd Factor: (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo

Local Vibe:

Water Quality: (the shit factory is tightly controlled) (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: Dennies,

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