February 15th 2011

Epic Day February 15th 2011 Kanagawa

The day was wild, we woke up to more than 15cm of snow on the ground and waist high conditions at 6.00am. By 9.00pm it was head high with a 12 second period ground swell rolling into the Kanagawa Bay.

By 11.00pm it was double over head on the set waves and perfect blue sky with a high of 12 degrees and waves being fanned by a perfect 5 knot off shore wind.

Simply stunning!!

The surfers that made it out on this day will talk about it for many moons to come, the famous river break of Bunyu had perfect almond barrels rolling in all day long, Inamura had A-frames that peeled over the reefs for more than 200m.

All on a Tuesday morning when 90% of the population were moaning about the snow and how hard it was to go to work.

For those lucky few who did make it into the water . Well Done! keep rubbing it in - you scored.

It really was an Epic Day here in Japan.