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Reader: Mart

"Great site! amazing amount of info here. Been surfing in Japan for over 10 years on and off."

Reader: Benjamin Barry Hamilton

"Lifelong surfer. Spent 11 years in Tokyo. Had to figure out everything to do with surfing on my own. Returned to NY in 2002. Sure wish you guys were around back in the day. Nice work!"

Reader:Seth Freedman

"Thanks for the great website. I will be coming out there in March to stay for at least a year"

Reader: Catherine Kho

"I just arrived in Tokyo and I am pretty much interested in surfing around the area. Are thr any groups gathering from Tokyo to go surfing on weekend?


Reader: Kerry Based in Shonan.

"like the sight by the way. the site is really good info, Ive been surifng in Japan for about 10 years and thought I knew everything but there were a few places I didnt know of that took me by suprise. "

An Ex Pat with fond memories

Also known as the Bandanna Longboarder.

Wish I knew of your website when I still lived in Japan - I was there nearly 15 years, and surfed Chiba, Ibaraki, and Shonan. So we may have seen each other in the water, or in the parking lots. I moved out because of work 7 years ago, but go back every year, mostly to surf, but also just to be back

Watching your site gives me good memories but also an uncomfortable yearning, as I can no longer jump in my car and in two hours be at my favorite spots anymore - Kamogawa River Mouth, Kamogawa Main, Maruki, Hasaki, Topsante, Hirai, Shichirigahama, Taito, Shinaouchi, Gakeshita, and a few others I haven't mentioned. But I was always that longboarder with a bandana on my head.

Keep up the good work, it's most appreciated. Maybe see you in the water sometime in August.

Another gaijin surfer in Tokyo.....

Eric Ramos

Many Mahalos for all the great work on the site! I'll be back in Nippon this October and SiJ has been a great resource for planning sessions

Hopefully some more detail on the Izu chain (e.g. Hachijo', Niijima, etc) in the future

How does Seaside compare to Shida?! I surf Shida when I'm there, but plan on checking out Katsuura and the Kamogawa this time around.

Mate né!

Brad From Izu

Just found you site and wanted to say thanks for the resource (especially the links to daily photos and webcams). I'm based out of Numazu and spend most of the time in the water somewhere around Izu. If you are ever in the neighbourhood drop me a line.

Dimelo From Kanto

Thank you for all the work that you do! I always go to your website to check the cams and all the information you have of the points here in Japan. I have been here for almost 5 years and because of your website, I have had accurate info on most of the points within the Kanto area.