Below is our archive of daily wave report photos from AUGUST 2013 CLICK HERE

Monday 30th September 2013 - Everyone is back in the office again folks. The past 9 days has been by far some of the best surf we have had on offer all year with insane waves from Kanagawa through to Chiba. Over the next few weeks we will try and find video and photos to show how good it really was. Today we have put up extra pictures from Hebera as that place was on fire all weekend. Today we are going to see things back of a little while the Pacific sorts herself pout again or regroups as we call it. Possible Typhoon 21 on the horizion there is a little egg at time of writing but where and how it will form is anyone's guess. 48hrs and we should have a much better picture. We still have some great weather with high of 28 this week and the water is still warm enough for a board shorts and tupper session. Get out there and enjoy it if you folks "EPIC Surfing In Japan"

Saturday 28th September 2013 - Well its finally the weekend again folks and wow what a weekend its looking like for the folks out there in Chiba we have some amazing conditions , our little Typhoon Pabuk is sending us some insane NE swell which as we know works so well on many of the breaks out there. Highlight places today will be Maruki (but the JSPA has there comp all weekend) Hebera which most of the SIJ crew are ripping up at the moment The wind today may become as small issue in the afternoon but tomorrow it looks yo go off shore for the entire day. With sunny skies and warm weather end of September surfing has never been more fun. For the die hards Boards shorts and a tupper are still fine out there but most folks are getting back into the wetsuits. Get out there and enjoy it if you can Sick!!

Friday 27th September 2013 - Morning folks and we are finally looking at the end or backside of Typhoon no.20 Pabuk and wow what a storm she was the link to full story is below. The past 3 days we have seen spectacular surf in the Kanagawa area some set bombs with 10-12ft faces on them. Some amazing riding as well as the Inamura Big Wave Classic going down. We have put a lot of updates onto the SIJ Facebook page so make sure you check there. Today all the action has moved round and into the Chiba area with perfect waves breaking on many of the beaches there NE swell with a nice light NE wind. There should be plenty of swell for the weekend as well maybe not so big but clean and fun for sure. We hope you were able to score some great waves over the past week, Pabuk will certainly go down in our history books as a perfect storm. Get out there and enjoy it today if you can.

Friday 20th September 2013 - Friday morning here in Japan folks and its a similar day to yesterday, blue sky and warm with light variable winds, and the weekend looks like it will line up the same as well. We have a great little swell rolling in right now that will back off a little over the next few days but that will then be replaced by a very good looking swell generated by the large /possible Typhoon sitting out east from us. Some charts are showing a 17 second 6ft plus swell due in sometime on Monday which could be epic! the winds will be the only thing to watch as they may rise and be from the east or north east , Heisaura Monday could be all time. There has been lots of great video and photos posted about the past typhoon even though it did turn out a bit wolly. We are working on our own page as we speak. Get out there today if you can and enjoy the surf.

Thursday 19th September 2013 - Well its a stunner of a morning yet again folks, blue sky , light winds and warm weather. We also have some nice easterly swell rolling in again with a little bit of north in it. Top places again are north Ibaraki and Central Chiba. As well as NIjima and the bottom of IZU. Its just perfect for beginners as well with slow breaking waves. Looking ahead we have a lot of movement out there in the Pacific a big Typhoon down south as well as a large low pressure forming out east that should just pump swell this way for a long time. We have the 3 day weekend ahead of us as well so things are looking good. Get out there and enjoy it today if you can.

Wednesday 18th September 2013 - Morning to one and all it's been a while for sure. Kicking straight of with current conditions for you. We have an amazing day weather wise folks blue sky and highs around 30. Light winds and a small amount of surf , best place for sure today is north part of Chiba. After the storm on Monday sand bars have been cleaned out and the beach breaks are working well again. We have added lots of photos to Facebook from the storm and will continue to do so over the next few days and ultimately get a little story uploaded for you onto SIJ and lock it away into the archives for referrals when the next big similar storm comes in. Lots of guys scored some great waves up and down the country though and the back swell on Tuesday morning for many was the best surf we have seen for a long long time.Get out there today if you can it's a cracker.

Friday 13th September 2013 - Fantastic Friday is here folks and wow what a stunner of a day we have, highs of 30+ water temps in and around 24-25 and a Typhoon Heading our way (ManYi). There is already some nice lines starting to roll in to Chiba coast line with the odd one getting in the 2-4ft range , and this will just continue to build throughout the day. It's also a 3 day weekend which means lots of folks will be heading out for some September fun on the beach so expect it to be busy. The surf will continue to get bigger and bigger as the weekend goes on and by Monday it will be serious stuff out there. The whole SIJ team will be out and about on the coast trying to score big time we will have all our camera gear as well. So expect so great shots come next week. Happy Dayz people this is what we all live for.

Thursday 12th September 2013 - Well folks there was a little increase in the swell size yesterday which was nice to see but this morning we are back to the flats, but as im sure you are fully aware we have a little friend out there in the Pacific which is steadily building and steadily heading this way. It's not officially a Typhoon yet but im sure that will change as we move through the weekend. Long range forecast looks good for swell right through to the end of next week. We have uploaded below the weekend charts for you. There is going to be east winds with this but they will be light up north. Water time will be the secret here and local condition knowledge. expect a lot of folks to be out and hunting as it's the first solid swell for a long time. Play nice have fun and we hope you score big time. Wax those boards down folks it's finally on again!!

Wednesday 11th September 2013 - Morning to one and all out there from warm muggy Japan, wave wise not much change today folks things almost everywhere still small in the 1-2ft range North Chiba looking the best by far. But the big news today is we have a very solid low pressure system building out in the Pacific and she is pretty much going to turn into a Typhoon. That is things goes well could start sending the whole coast line really solid mid to long period swell by as early as Friday and then right through the weekend. Which would be fantastic, as its a 3 day weekend on the back end of summer meaning Board Shorts and beer and BBQ as well, what more could we ever ask for. Anyhow as so often with mother nature we will have to wait and see, but we will keep our eye on it and give you updates as we find out. If your out and about today though enjoy.

Tuesday 10th September 2013 - Well here we go again folks , carbon copy of yesterday stunning weather but the wave situation is not looking to pretty. Best place from the look of the cams is for sure Ibaraki there arew some nice 1-2ft waves rolling in up there in Oarai . Down south has also been getting a few waves but from Shizuoka up to the Top of Chiba seems to be missing a lot of the action. We really have said it a lot this year but it has been a worse than normal year. We are all hoping that the change is just around the corner. We will have to wait and see. In other news Team SIJ are finalizing our Indonesia Winter trip as we speak and Bali is back on the cards yet again. Looks like the team will be up to 28 strong this year. All in the same hotel so it will be a year to remember for sure. Long range is showing a possible solid east swell heading our way in 4 to 5 days time. Fingers crossed.

Monday 9th September 2013 - Morning to one and all after hat was a real mixed bag of a weekend. Saturday started out being a stunner of a day with some surf still hanging around after the great surf we had on Thursday and Friday. Then Sunday took a turn for the worse and the rain and wind came in. Today though things look to be getting off on the right foot again with a windless start and just some light grey clouds overhead. Swell wise im sorry to say we are back down into the 1-2ft range again with many breaks being flat. You will have to dig around to get some serious surf in today folks. Best bet is wait until towards lunch time and hit it on the low tide. Later on in the week there is a chance for some quality surf but more on that later. We are now looking at 2 back to back long weekends which will be really nice. Trestles Surf comp gets under way this week as well which is Kelly Slater's favorite comp so it should be a stunner to watch online. Have a good one and get out there if you can.

Friday 6th September 2013 - Finally we can say we have a stunner of a day ahead of us! We have some great weather to start across most places in the SIJ area this time of year we have those beautiful big white fluffy cloud formations. Some nice light winds that will eventually swing round and come from the north & the best thing of all we have some nice east swell hitting the coast line in the 2-3ft range with the odd freak set in the head high class. Many of the breaks are working this morning but the top part of Chiba looks to be the best. Wave period is aroud 8 seconds with some punch to it. The sand breaks up north with the T-bars seems to work well on this type of swell and Nodahamma on the cam looks to be real fun. Kujikuri open coast on a day like today can be Epic , if your willing to walk a bit you can often score a peak to yourself. Looks like it will back off during the day but there should be the odd ripple or two left over for the weekend. get out there if you can.

Thursday 5th September 2013 - Typhoon 17 is the word today as she moves slowly up over the mainland here in Japan, she is clashing with a cool air mass out of China and creating record breaking downpours of rain in many places down south , well today is Kanto and Chiba's turn to take a flogging. Large thunder storms last night in Tokyo and expect more throughout the day. Wave wise we have seen a nice increase in size but it is still pretty short period at around 7-8sec the wind is S-S/E and moderate which again is making many breaks a little bit funky. Still it's a lot better than what we have had for the past 12 weeks so there will be a lot of happy surfers out there today as they get there first decent wave under there belt since before the summer. Looks like the swell may stay around tomorrow a little and then back off as we head into the weekend. Get out there today and enjoy it if you can.

Wednesday 4th September 2013 - Morning to one and all and today we have seen a small shift in the weather pattern as a low pressure system approaches us from the E - S/E and its bringing some rain as well as swell but it's mainly wind driven and small short period stuff. But its better than nothing. Most of the breaks in Chiba have a small messy wave over 1ft today which will put a smile on many faces but the odd break like Kanagawa which is not getting the wind is mellow and Glassy with long fun long-board style peelers breaking over well groomed sand bars. Talking about sand due to the lack of waves this year most beaches have got an unprecedented amount of sand build up some to the extent of its seriously starting to effect the break on of those places is Hebera Beach . The reef there is now so clogged up with sand the wave hardly breaks at all. We seriously need a few solid back to back storms to set things straight again , bad news is the long range still does not show anything. BooHoo...Have a good day folks.

Tuesday 3rd September 2013 - Well it's ground hog day yet again folks out here in Japan , and i have to say slightly depressing as well. We still have more of a lake than an ocean on our door step. Although as most surfers will know ,No point moaning , best look on the bright side of things. This is bar far the best year ever for other water activities such as diving, fishing, kayaking sailing and windsurfing to name but a few. All well worth trying if you have never done them before. There are many many clubs and places to rent this style equipment up and down the coast of Japan and it's well worth doing so on a quiet mid week day you wont only get a new experience you will also make a lot of new friends and help support a local community. Have a great day what ever your doing and have fun out there on the water.

Monday 2nd September 2013 - Morning to one and all after what can only be described as a very very windy weekend! We had strong winds from the south the entire time that put an end to most surfing activities in the whole area but the Windsurfers and kite boarders were out in force especially at Onjuku. We were lucky still though and got a solid Paddle Surf session in at Seaside in Kamogawa early on Saturday morning. Today is a different kettle of fish though the wind has gone and so has the swell. The Typhoon from down south has all but gone as well and we are looking at the flats again!! This season really is turning out to be more than a little bit strange. You are going to have to hunt hard today to get good surf and really the best place from the looks of the cams is the top part of Chiba Kujikuri, Ioka etc or there are some small ones in Kanagawa but nothing more than 1ft really. We are also in for some solid rain over the next few days so make sure you pack your brolly any where you go.