JUNE 2011

Below is our archive of daily wave report photos from June 2011. May 2011 Click Here

Summary of the month : The month got of to a grand start with Typhoon back swell hitting most beaches in Chiba and Ibaraki fantastic.

June 26th Swell from Typhoon number 5 arrived in Chiba and Izu and the Team split up half hit Izu and scored Great conditions and the other hit Heisaura and scored clean great conditions, a really great way to end the Month.

Best memories of the month: Yet to be decided.

1. June the 1st Back swell of Typhoon No.2 was of epic quality , the reefs in Katsura were on fire. 6-8ft solid sets . EPIC!!!

2. June 4/5th Itchinomiya Sessions out with the GoPro Camera in solid 6ft sets grabbing some great rides and sick video. Really Stoked.

3. The whole Team meeting up in Kamogawa and watching one of the team try his new board out for the first time.

4. Heisaura session in the river mouth loads of way over head sets, and then getting nailed by the lip knocked out and blowing an ear drum!!

Biggest Wave Ridden: 8ft face in Heisaura session.