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This Fantastic webcam is setup nice and high and over looks the beach area, it is a little hard to get used to working but once you have worked it out , its a great way to check the conditions and once zoomed in you can even get great viewing of the surfers riding the waves. A great Camera and one of the best for the South part of Chiba.

Wada is an area of coastline that is about 6kms long from end to end and has 4 main points along the way, it has a very mellow, relaxed atmosphere when ever you surf it.

A short stretch of coast that picks up swells from the North East around to South South West there are constant waves in Wada. In the South of Chiba it never really gets too cold in winter so is surfable all year without getting chill blanes. Route 128 runs in close proximity to the beach so there are numerous surf check points along the way. However because of this and everyone owning a mobile phone it is near impossible to have a solo session here with just you and your friends.

With lots of places to stay and eat its a great place to visit for a few days. The influence of the rocks reefs means the water is often clean and clear.

Almost no free parking, mostly it's ¥1,000 and depending on the place this might include access to running water to rinse off.

There are a few bloggers for this stretch of coastline but they seem more intent on showing us what they had for lunch rather than the daily wave situation, so until we find something that does it justice, will we hold off. Let us know if you know someone keep to do a daily picture shoot.

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We have plans to get this next time we are out and about.

General Break Information

Daily Photos

The main road (Route 128) runs down the coast close to the beach and much of the parking is not on the beach side of the road. Be very careful though when crossing the road, as people are hit by cars every year along here.

The following 4 breaks are the main ones but there are others between and around these four.

Have heard it can hold a nice left hand wave on its day.

Look for the big Keio Mansion Building on route 128 and turn down the road beside the mansion. Driving South you'll cross a small river just before the Mansion.

Kieo Mansion 京王マンション下

A break with sand over rock and very close to a small river. There is parking near by and it gets good waves quite regularly mostly from South Easterly swells.

You will see boulders in the ocean to your right as you look seaward.

It feels protected and tucked into a corner but really its a just a small cove at the north end of Wada.

Best winds here are NNW

Normally a bit of a locals point, watch out for the rocks near the shore entering and exiting the surf.

The wave breaks over a mix of sand and rock and the locals rank this wave quite highly. Offshore Winds NW

Parking on route 128

This point is named "The Grave " due to the grave site on the hill side above.

The Grave 和田・墓下わだ・はかした

J's - J's前

J's is one of the most famous surf shops in Chiba and a good place to stock up on wax and surf goods.

If surfers can only name one break at Wada this will be the one.

Parking costs ¥1,000 and the best one is the "Big Blue House", you get to use a shower after surfing.

Usually crowded if the waves are good.

Offshore winds are NW and its a sandy bottom.

It picks up swells from NE through East and round to the South.

I can hold size and has some power depending on swell direction but will close out on most swells double overhead or bigger.

Best Tide: Mixed

Best Swell Direction: open from the NE to the SSW

Best Size: head to head and a half

Best Wind: NW

Perfect-O-Meter: 4-5 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Sand and Reef

Access: By car is easiest, through the Aqua Line or Around the top of Tokyo Bay and donw the coastal road

Crowd Factor: 4 in Winter 8 in Summer (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo station)

Local Vibe: Usually no issues

Water Quality: 3 (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: 7'11 and various restaurants, the parking places will also supply a mix of noodles and snack food and drinks.

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Shirasuka - Main Point 和田・白渚

The busiest break at Wada, It has sand covered reefs and locals rate this as the most consistant and best formed wave along this stretch of coast.

In summer when it is small you can find yourself in a pack of more than 50 people, as the picture shows. When the bigger surf hits the pack slims out quickly.

There is a 7'11 on the main road for food and toilets.

A lot of the parking is free and its easy to check the waves from the bridge on the road.

The surf is a mix of lefts and rights with sandy bottoms and in some places sand on rock reefs so the waevs hold their shape. The locals rate this as one of the top waves in Wada.

Offshore NW

Access: You can take the train from Tokyo station into Wada or driving is easiest.

Round trip from Tokyo: By car through the aqua line, about 110km

Great look at this wave showing some local riders going left and right on a pretty good sized day.

A very windy session but shows how even then this break stands up pretty well.

Some nice rides by a few o the locals.

A quick look from the road , on a windy day

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