Crowd Factor:

On good days there can be a lot of people in the water, but mid week no more than 10 or 20 across one break.

Local Vibe:

You have got to expect Island style Locals on Okinawa that know each other very well and when its good do not get in there way.

Water Quality:

Simply Stunning has to be seen to be believed.


There are stores and shops everywhere on this well built up Island you will never be more than a short walk from a quick meal.


Okinawa is very easy to get to and has about 20 to 40 regular flights to it daily from all the major city's around Japan for this reason it is also pretty cheap, Flights range from 10,000 yen - 30,000 yen depending on time of day from Tokyo Airport.

The flight is around 2 hrs in length. 1000s of tourist arrive daily so the Island is 100% set up well for them. 100s of options for car hire - 5,000 to 10,000 yen per day. Public Transport is also fantastic.

Important Note

Because Okinawa is not one of our focus areas here at Surfing In Japan we in no way claim to be experts and we heavily relie on friends that live there or have been there for a lot of the Information and photos. To date 3 of our crew members have been there and surfed and had an amazing time, and got some pictures and video. We plan on going back at our next available opportunity.Once we have we will update this page with as much detail as we have on all our other

focused areas.

General Okinawa Information

Okinawa is one of the southern most island of Japan and is actually closer to Taiwan than it is to Tokyo , it also has a Sub tropical climate and is best described as simply Stunning. It was also famous as it was one of the stepping stones for the US army back in the war when they over threw Japan. There is still a huge American influence there today. Some people refer to it as the Pearl of Japan its endless white sand beaches and hidden coves, spectacular marine sports, food and vibe-rent temples really make it a special place.

Surfing wise as well it has some pretty fantastic breaks most of them being reef and the locals try to keep a lot of them secret. (A very hard thing in Japan)

But the waves can be very fickle due to either the lack of them or them being wind affected , the best time really is when the huge heavy ground swells are sent up from Typhoons forming of the Philippians and it is for this reason Okinawa has probably not become a epicenter for surf .

Viva Surf

This local has a fantastic website and he takes great pride in what he does

He uploads 90% of the time and always with some great photos.

He changes the points he takes pictures of regularly as well which is great.

Happy Surfing Okinawa

A Forign family living in Okinawa have a fantastic Bed & Breakfast operation going on they take photos very regulary and upload them to there blog style page , he also gets some really nice water shots.

Indo style waves breaking on these reefs, looks super good fun.

Also a great video can be found here.

Surfing Okinawa

Mahalo Surfing School & Guide

A local surf school near to Sunabe break takes photos on a regular basis although not every day,

Bottom right side of the home page just click on the thumb nail images.

This break has a really nice right hand barrel which breaks on a shallow reef , also a great place to sit and watch on the sea wall.

Source Okinawa

This fantastic local surf shop that has really nice quality gear, visits two of the near by breaks to take daily photos.

Sunabe & Suicides.

Nice photos and on really good days he will upload 10 or 20 quality pictures , worth keeping your eyes on.

Daily Photos From Around The Island

Okinawa General Photos

A local Surfer updates his website most days with a few diffrent pictures from around the island

He visits most of the Island main breaks and if it is good will take a whole lot of photos and add them to his album.

Irimote Island Bridge Camera

This camera has great control and is placed on the road bridge that goes from the main land to this

Island ,keep your eyes on this one in Huge Typhoons.

Okuma Resort

This live web camera is pointed out over the bay at Okuma Resort

It gives a great indication as to what the current conditions are like

Because this is a sheltered bay if there are waves here there will normally be waves else where as well.

Sunabe Harbor

Placed on the side of an apartment building and overlooking not just Sunabe break but also the Harbour

Continuous live stream with lots of functions, a great camera .

Sunabe Reef Break 2

This camera is run by Okinawa Hunt website and basically updates every few minutes.

It shows a great view over Sunabe break, on a good day amazing sets will roll through this line up.

Live Web Cameras Around The Island

Sunabe Reef Break

This fantastic cam - looks straight out over Sunabe Reef Break and is well maintained

you will need to watch it in Internet Explorer and make sure you download the plugin.

The camera is 100% safe and well worth the trouble. Enjoy.


Turtle - Reef - Intermediate

Zanapa - Reef - Intermediate

Kochan - Reef - Advance Surfers Only

Aha - Cobble Stones - Intermediate

White Beach - Sand & Reef - Beginner

Jimmys - Reef - Advance Only

Tengan Pier - deep reef - intermediate

Aha-Yoko - Cobble Stones - beginner

Bowls - Reef - Intermediate

5 Rocks - Sand & Rock - Intermediate

Miyuki's - Reef Break -Intermediate

Suicide Cliffs - Reef Break left - Advance Surfers Only

Sunabe - Reef Break Left and rights - Advance Surfers Only

Okinawa Surf Breaks

Extra Video,maps,links & information see below.

If you have any video of this break please pass it on to us we will be happy to show it on ,email us direct at

Click on the videos below to visit our YOU TUBE Channel where we keep all our HD videos.We hope you enjoy them.

A great look at not just only some spectacular surfing on the Island but also the culture and

People that live there. Really makes you want to jump on a plane and move there straight away.

Some nice surf action going on at Suicide Break on Okinawa, if it is this good on a average day i wonder what it will be like on a great day.

A look at one of the local points as a typhoon swell is coming in,

Some really nice waves.... Wow get me out there.

Break Map

Just click on the point you are interested in to view that individual breaks in's and out's from a real surfers prospective.

If you have any further information that may make this map better please email team at we are always happy to receive new data.

Photos (photos from around this area)

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