Inamura Session Jan 2009

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Note: If Inamura is breaking but not big it will be packed, the crew thins a lot when it gets big.

Access: Drive from Tokyo - approximately 55km or take the train to the Inamuragasaki station. Lots of cool restaurants and bars in the vicinity.

Best Tide: mid to hi

Best Swell Direction: SSE 170º ~ SW 212º (the Ogasawara island chain runs SE ~ NW through the middle of this swell window.

Best Size: 6 ~ 10 feet (Overhead to 3 x overhead)

Best Wind: N

Perfect-O-Meter: 8 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Sand / Rock Reef

Access: 55km from down town Tokyo

Crowd Factor: 8+ when its on (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo Station)

Local Vibe: Aggressive and competitive

Water Quality: 4 - (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: 7-Eleven on the main road and First Kitchen burgers in the main carpark about 400m away

Surf Shops: with in 500m

The Inamura Big Wave Classic is held yearly and some of the salty old boys charge it. (see pic)

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General Break Information

The Wave - On its day this is a world class wave. It's a reef breaking in front cliffs. Known as Inamura, locals, pros and wannabes wait with anticipation for it to break every typhoon season.

It has a tight swell window of only 42º SSE ~ SSW and even this window is interrupted by the shadowing of the Izu Island Chain. Think of a slice of Pizza with a bite out of the middle - that how much room the swell has to get onto this reef.

It breaks both left and right and both are exciting when it gets big, long vertical walls with barrel sections. The Left is the more famous, probably because its a longer ride and it breaks back into Shichirigahama in full view of the gallery on the sea wall and other surfers. The Right is more of a wild ride on a uneven wall that packs punch but does not really barrel.

Both Left and Right come out of deep water and stand up slowly before gathering momentum and bending along the reef.

It takes a good sized swell to get Inamura firing which usually means there are waves everywhere up and down this stretch.

Locals - the surfing level is high and as mentioned it breaks infrequently so competition for waves is high. The older locals definitely know the line up points the best and due to the easy takeoff often good long boarders will dominate the pack (common at these deep water reef breaks). It's a simple paddle out to the right of the break with the usual strong currents on big days, the waves pack punch so make sure you're a good swimmer and confident to come in over a reef and through a serious shore break on big days.

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