Japan Still Rebuilding after Typhoon

Japan Still rebuilding after Typhoon 19 as Typhoon 20 Neoguri rips up the coast dumping more heavy rain & bringing more coastal damage. But this coming weekend will see yet another Typhoon 22 Buaroi approach, however, for the first time in a while, it may take the perfect course to produce some of those classic Japanese mid-period swells that create the waves we have come to love and see over the years.

Saturday forecast models are showing a solid 8-12ft SE - E swells with light variable winds.

What that means is that it won't close out everywhere like during the crazy big swells instead of a lot of the classic points in Chiba will come alive.

There was a lot of excitement after the waves produce from Typhoon Hagibis but with a sad side as well when all the devastation and loss of life were seen on the news. (the recovery is and will for a long time continue)

This week, however, seems to be a good week with Tuesday 22nd being a national holiday to celebrate the Enthronement of the new Emperor "Naruhito" Rugby World Cup Semifinals & good waves on the way.

Dane Gillett Owner of Splash guest House said, We came through typhoon Hagibis with minimal damage as did the local community which we thank god for & were able to open up within 48hrs and allow the many customers that had booked with us (some that were here watching the rugby world cup) to enjoy the classic Japanese typhoon season of great waves and good times.

The silver lining from any typhoon for us is the sandbanks out front become amazing for weeks on end.

This was the case today October 22nd day after TY21 passed, the sand bar break of Obachan (old lady) turned on & many of Japan's top pro surfers came down to enjoy the conditions including Shota Nakamura also known as "Barrel Junky" & Hiroto Oohara top Japanese Hurley rider & possible Olympic candidate. Local surf shop "Brave Surf" owner Shunsuke was also enjoying the conditions with many of his customers as it was a national holiday. Many people could be heard talking about the rest of this week looking amazing.

Typhoon season in Japan normally is from August thru to the end of November & they will often see between 15-30 a year.

Story and photos by Dane Gillett