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Malibu is one of the four M's, its a reef break that really turns on with big swells from the South. Hence it is a wave everyone thinks about when typhoons send swell. This is also one of the classic waves of the Tokyo region and is as popular as its cousin with the same name in California.

We are talking to a couple of people however the break is tide, swell and wind specific so does not break with good consistency and when its on we'd hope to be there and take pictures and video for you.

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It has an excellent viewing setup from the road above the beach and hosted the 2006 ASP contest that Andy Irons won, relocated here when it got too big for Hebara.

History: before the overpass and road were installed the beach extended another 100 back towards the hills and locals say the break was much much more consistent than it is now - would've liked to have seen and surfed it then.

Breaking both left and right on the main peak the right is definitely the wave of choice. At 2 foot its the realm of long boarders and the rides are gentle and long but it can handle real size and breaks cleanly 3 x overhead. When it gets bigger it can be a 150m+ ride into the middle of the beach. Also as the size starts picking up so the real locals come out of their holes and you have to be on your game to get good waves. Also with real size on it the left starts working - a much shorter wave with a sucky pocket that barrels close to the take off.

In the centre of the beach is a sand covered reef that splits the crowd and depending on swell direction and tide it is sometimes linked to the main wave. When the swells are big lots of surfers sit down here picking off waves that don't get taken from the peak or waves where riders fall. A racing wall right into the beach.

Parking is problem and basically you have to pay for it. if you think it is going to turn on then get here 30min before dawn to grab one of the few carparks close by.

Train Access: From Tokyo take the Wakashio express from Tokyo Station to Katsuura station 1 hour 20 and approx ¥2,900 then walk 15 minutes from the station. leave you gear at one of the restaurants and buy coffee or lunch in thanks.

Car Access: Round the top to Ichihara and down route 297 - 120km. or through the aqualine - both about the same distance and cost ¥2,000

Best Size: 2 to 8 feet (waist to 3x overhead)

Best Wind: N - W

Perfect-O-Meter: 8 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Reef / Sand

Access: 120km from Tokyo, Parking is always difficult

Crowd Factor: Weekends and holiday periods 7, weekdays 5 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo Station)

Local Vibe: Strong Locals who are vocal when it gets good

Water Quality: 4 - (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: Walking distance - small local convenience store & local restaurants. Driving - convenience stores and a supermarket in Katsuura.

Best Tide: Low to mid tide

Best Swell Direction: SSW ~ E

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January 2nd 2011 a nice solid swell

was rolling into the bay creating

some great surfing conditions.

Malibu September 25th 2010 Typhoon Surf

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