Toru Arai - Body Board Wave 2019

Toru Arai - Full Sequence Barrel Ride - Hebara Japan

The waves were pumping & Trou & his friends turned up to enjoy the heavy water conditions being produced on the back end of yet another Typhoon here in Japan. A solid NE swell in the 6-8ft range was rolling into a very shallow end section sand bar down near the river mouth in front of Splash Guest House.

Toru waited patiently for the right wave but was scoring little nuggets most of the session , but then this solid wave rolled in Toru turned, got in early and got down the face & doing a perfect bottom turn, engaging the rail and checking in under the heavy lip , it was thick and heavy and moving fast but Toru ran a perfect line and got really deep, the wave Spat super hard half-wave down the line, Would Toru make it out? then boom there he was moving super fast coming out the end and pumping his fist to the air, knowing he had just scored a WAVE TO REMEMBER. Nice wave Toru-san, Chee Yew.

Photos by Dane Gillett Photography