Niinogawa Point Omaezaki 新野川 浜岡

Shizuoka Information

At last count there were 40 named breaks in Shizuoka. 4 River mouths, 5 Reef breaks and 31 beach breaks. The south facing part of Shizuoka is shaped like a banana, a big one, more than 100km from tip to tail. Most of it beach breaks and the names given to the breaks are more locations like names of towns, shops, restaurants, parks and parking. The sand bars move around a lot so the actual breaks are constantly changing.

Swells: Southerly swells are the most direct. SW and SE swells will hit different parts.

Water: much warmer than Chiba and generally cleaner

Surf Population: Still easy to find your own sand bar if you're prepared to get away from the main breaks, but for convenience and ease of parking the main breaks are constantly busy.

Competitions: Popular and frequent, the ASP usually holds a least one WQS comp here every year.

Below is our Map of Shizuoka Surf Area.

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