The Japanese archipelago lies SW to NE and sits close to China and Korea so other than localized storms sending waves to the beaches on the Japan sea side of the country most attention is on the pacific coast.

Long period swells (greater than 13 seconds) are unfortunately a rarity for Japan so in general we spend our time trying to analyze shorter period wind swells.

The surfer who understands the patterns and how they relate to the breaks in his/ her locality can often score great uncrowded waves, especially the long period swells that do arrive.

The links below are some that give a broad picture of what is coming. The goal is to pick the eyes out of the information available and score those days with just a few mates when it is cranking and the internet forecasts have not picked it.

Epic days are relatively infrequent and they last in the mind long long after the storms that created them are gone, a careful study of the pages on this site and you'll be able to read the signs and increase the chances of scoring those days. Our plan in the future is to create a members page where specific info will be available to help you score, what we wont be doing is pointing to specific breaks on a real time basis, so if you've worked out your own breaks we will not be sending hordes to share your epic sessions.

With that said if you do have a great session send us some pictures and we'll post them with out giving the secrets away. Email:

3 Popular Wave Predictors.

Significant Wave Height 3 day forecast

Animated Wave Forecast

10 Day view - Significant wave height

Japan Weather Watch.

Current Weather Current Temperature Kanto Area Weather Forecasts

Japan Tide Watch.

Chiba Tide Watch Next 36 Hrs Ibaraki Tide Watch Next 36 Hrs Fukushima Tide Watch Next 36 Hrs

Japan Wind Watch.

Current Wind Direction & Speed 3 Day Wind Forecast

Updated 10 min past the hour


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