OSAKI REEF 大崎 Left and Right

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Only breaks in Huge South Swells

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General Break Information


On a good size and swell direction this wave will grow slowly as the swell climbs the reef into a solid wall and rifle down the line.

Long boarders have a clear advantage in picking off the set waves however shortboards sitting in the impact zone will be able to pick off some very very nice waves with good power and vertical walls.

On a smaller swell and low tide the wave will break on the reef and half way down there is a nasty shallow spot - pull-in and pray - and you might make it out of an excellent tube.

Osaki Right. Further around towards Misaki is a right hander with an excellent tube section. The wave is steeper and more of a short board wave than the lefts. The take off stands up as the swell hits the reef and in the right conditions will barrel from the takeoff.

Localism: One issue in both these places is a lot of surfers come in large groups, another is the waves do not break often so when they do everyone wants on it.

Difficult to tell who is a local and who is just part of a group acting like locals.

Paddle hard, don’t pull back, don’t drop in and everyone will get the picture that you are there to surf not to watch.......

Paddle out: From the car park in front of Kabune (or walk around to the port and paddle out from in front of the wave). It is about 500m or a 10~15 minute paddle across deep water.

Best Tide: low incoming is better

Best Swell Direction: SSE 170º ~ SW 212º (the Ogasawara island chain runs N~S through the middle of this swell window.

Best Size: 6 - 8 feet (head + 3ft - 2 x overhead)

Best Wind: North

Perfect-O-Meter: 8 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Reef

Access: 50km from down town Tokyo

Crowd Factor: When ever its breaking 8 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo Station)

Local Vibe: Heavy

Water Quality: 3 - (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: Take it with you, vending machines for drinks

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Video 1 - A great day at Osaki perfect size ,not the perfect pack though

Video 2 - A collection of short shots from Osaki, fun video

Video 3 - Some great on the water footage and a few nice barrels

Video 4 - A good sized day

Video 5 - Some good slow-mo stuff to be seen

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