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Heisaura is the most Southern Beach in Chiba about 5 km long. There are 5 named breaks along it, however look for a sandbar that is working and paddle out, if you want to avoid the crowds take a stroll down the beach a bit.

The breaks have names because they are the closest beach access to the parking lots. Parking is a problem - the road runs parallel to the beach about 100m back from the high water mark and there are only a dozen or so car parking places on the roadside. The rest of the carparking is on private land and you must pay to park.

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General Break Information

Dairy Of Dad "Heisaura Beach " Chiba South

A great blog produced by a local Hotel owner , who takes a stroll down to the beach daily and takes 3 great photos

Of the corner end of this very long beach, what ever size wave it shows in these pics it can sometimes be twice as big at the other end of the beach almost 4kms away. We love having this camera on this beach as it can be really good on its day with clear warm water.

Daily Photos

Right on the eastern side of the beach is a large new carpark and toilet block, both finished for summer 2010. (April 2011 update, seems the car park is closed for some reason)

The break closest to this carpark is sand and reef break called TOMOE 巴. All other breaks are sand bars.

Tomoe is offshore in an East wind while the rest of the beach is offshore in NE winds.

Heisaura can be a lot of fun to surf but when its on it gets busy quickly as the rest of the coast will usually be onshore. The perfect conditions here are south swell north wind - quite different to most of the rest of Chiba.

High Tide is usually not so good as the beach is quite steep.

It can handle up to 2 x overhead then it starts closing out in most places.

Due to its Southern facing aspect it will pick up swells and blow offshore in a similar pattern to Shonan

Access: By car under Tokyo Bay or around the top of the Bay and down the highway on the inside of Chiba.

Round trip from Tokyo: its a long way, even through the Aqua Line - although now it is an easy drive.

Hotel and Pool: Located half way down the beach stretch is a hotel with a pool open to the public, ¥1,000 includes parking - wonderful for the family and a nice hang out between surfs.

Look for the white Spanish style buildings with red terra-cotta tiled roofs - visible from the road.

Best Tide: Low to Mid

Best Swell Direction: South

Best Size: 4-6 (waist to overhead)

Best Wind: North East for the beach breaks and East for the reef in the corner

Perfect-O-Meter: 5 on a good day (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: One sand and reef break and the others are all sand bottom bars

Access: By Car

Crowd Factor: Holidays 5, weekdays 3(1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo

Local Vibe: Pretty Friendly - some locals at the Corner 'Tomoe' but otherwise no locals

Water Quality: 3, (the shit factory is tightly controlled) (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: 7-Eleven and Supermarket

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