Olympic Surfing Venue 2021 Japan

The WSL has been putting on a pretty good show down under the past month, showing us what is possible under the right conditions, but Australia is a very different place and some would say in a much better situation than Japan. So with 3 months to go here are a few up-to-date images and video was taken onsite at Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach near Ichinomiya town on the Chiba Pacific coastline in Japan

Less than 3 months to go to the largest Surfing Event the world has ever seen.

Will it happen, should it happen, who will go, who will win? The list of questions is almost endless.

The local vibe around the area is mainly positive with many who have already invested time energy and money wanting to see the event held.

“The good that will come out of holding the event & the influence it has and will continue to have on our youth must make it worth holding said, one local man”

“To see some joy in these tough times will make it worthwhile said a local mother with children.”

“It's not just a single event for us its the start of much good as the world are able to see Japan & the wonderful place and people that live here, 25 years ago we did not see foreigners, then after the Olympics were announced the numbers just kept increasing, it was fun to meet so many wonderful people with so many stories, I missed them once the lockdowns started, I hope for the day when they will return again. Said an elderly Gentleman that runs a local bar and restaurant.”

But for many watching from afar it for sure is not for a lack of information maybe even the opposite to much information may be here are some of the biggest discussions right now

Can the Games be held safely?

Will spectators be allowed (Overseas Internationals have already effectively been told they will not be able to attend)?

Playbooks for athletes were released outlining the rules and regulations they will have to follow some are for sure questionable.?

The possible release of wastewater from the Fukushima Nuclear power plant into the Pacific, although not right now but even so in two years' time it's causing a lot of concern?

Trash & Plastic waste in our oceans has been a growing debate on a global scale for multiple years now & how to deal with it, recent images show that even the event site will have to deal with this.

Other deeper problems with our Oceans being highlighted in such programs being shown on Netflix

The list really can go on and on.

One thing is for certain, we will continue our journey around the sun, the waves will keep rolling in & folks will continue to surf regardless of all the politics involved and I guess we will finally know come July /August of 2021 who will be crowned the champ & the first Olympic Gold medal winner of surfing.