Typhoon 19 Mayon - September 14/15/16th September 2013

Typhoon 20 Pabuk - September 21/22/23/24/25/26/27 September 2013


This one started way south and was a huge storm carry a lot of water and wind. She ground in slowly from the south finally hitting the coast just above Kyushu and dumping record breaking amounts of water onto Kobe City which then saw record floods. She then ground slowly up the country during the daylight hours causing massive amounts of devastation. Surf wise things really were only good in localized spots during the main event but before and after there were some superb session to be had. Kamogawa being the pic of them for the SIJ crew.


The perfect storm is how we can describe this one coming in from the SE at a very slow rate of only 10-15km per hour and pushing massive 6-8ft swell at us at 15 to sometimes 17 second periods this coupled with almost perfect light NE winds this was always going to be a special one. Malibu in Katsura bay was on fire for 5 days straight amazing for regular surfing as well as SUPing. Then it was the turn of Kanagawa which on the 24/25th was a perfect as it gets with very light winds and perfect shaped waves. The 26th saw the Typhoon go straight by the bay and bring it 10-12ft faced waves for the Inamura Big Wave Classic competition . 100's turned up to watch the boys grab the big bombs out the back. Team SIJ got out and Surfed and SUPed till their arms fell off.

The past two weeks have been somewhat of a blur after it being flat for so long , but with so much surf under our belts everyone is looking like they will be glad of the rest. What will 22 bring for us we will have to wait and see.