Golden Week Surf Session 2011 Diary’s by Team Surfing In Japan

Session 1

April 30th 2011

Chikura Beach in front of the river mouth.

Set waves were in the 3-4ft face range, wind was off shore but the water was colder than normal, 5.00am start, only a few out when we got in, a fun session full of back door barrel riding practice, just taking of grabbing the rail and picking a line, heaps of fun even if the drops were only 4ft. there must have been 100 plus in the water by the time we got out for lunch at 12.00pm.

The wind was also starting to get stronger, as forecast

Session 2

Chikura Beach Body Surf Session

Coming onto high tide one of the crew jumped in with his fins and hand ski, and caught a few great waves, but more importantly freaked out the Japanese surfers in the line up. It’s always great seeing him in the water tearing it up. Happy Days. ‘It’s always overhead’

The wave height was down on the morning however still offshore and beautiful green water, so back in for the evening session.

Camped at the beach and had a great spread with beers and wine, blue cheese and French bread, salad and a huge stew with everything imaginable thrown in. slept well for sure.

Woke up to an almost full car park at 5am, and the surf is small, offshore and clean but only knee high – where is that promised swell?? Back to sleep until woken by the loud speaker chimes (daily testing of the tsunami warning system) and up for a leisurely coffee and breakfast at 7am. 30 or so in the water and the occasional nice wave, keeping them all hoping.

Session 3

Chikura Beach

The Final Session

Chikura Beach

Tuesday morning &we all slept like babies last night due to the great food and conversation under the stars last night, the north wind has kicked in today , which mean its time to pack up and head home. We stopped in for one quick session at Heisaura on the way , and grabbed some nice head high peelers on the perfectly groomed sand bars.

All things considered this year, the past 5 days have been a real God Send, relaxing and doing the things we love so much which is hanging out with great people eating great food and having great conversation and of course Surfing All Day Long

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