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Best Tide: all tides, low incoming is better

Best Swell Direction: S

Best Size: 2 to 4 feet (knee to head)

Best Wind: North

Perfect-O-Meter: 4 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Sand

Access: 80km from down town Tokyo

Crowd Factor: Holidays 6, weekdays 2 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo Station)

Local Vibe: no locals

Water Quality: 4 - (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: Convenience Stores and various restaurants up on the main road.

Heading West from the tip is a road that runs through some agricultural land and along it are a couple of stopping places (2-4 cars only). Its possible to find a wave to yourself after a scramble down to the beach and paddle out from a break in the sea wall.

In 2006 I stopped to check it out and got a pleasant but unexpected show: two girls frolicking naked on the beach doing a photo shoot. A uniquely Japanese version: after each scene the girls would put on a happy coat (a short summer Japanese kimono) and warm up with a thermos of tea. Still have the pictures I took somewhere...

WINDY - very self evident with the number of windmills out on the peninsular - These are exposed beach breaks so the best times to go are when the swells and winds are calm.

Even though we've only marked a couple of points, just south of Kimigahama (tip of the headland) is a port and long boarders are often surfing waves beside it.

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Daily Photos

IOKA LIGHT HOUSE 屏風ヶ浦 (Inubosaki Area )

Live Web Cam

This great webcamera is perched right on top of the light house itself and gives stunning views out across the ocean, on good days you can see the swell lines all the way to the horizon.

Enjoy - we do.

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