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Daily Photos

Kubo is a stretch of Kashima beach with a huge T-bar Tetra pod splitting the beach. The beach is open to swells from the South East to the North East and the Tetrapod gives some shape to an otherwise straight stretch of coast.

Sand bars form off each side of it and depending on the swell direction the waves will break left or right. The Tetrapod also creates rip tides that can be dangerous to swimmers but a joy for surfers.

Kubo has a large regular crew that show up every weekend drive onto the beach and set up camp for the two days. Body Glove Japan are connected with some of the crew and usually large Body Glove tents form the base camp.

Some hot body boarders also call this home.

With clean swells and offshore winds this whole stretch of coast offers up great waves and the Tetra pods channel the sand and help improve the waves.

Swells much over 2m and the beach will close out, on small days you are probably better off walking either up or down the beach to find your own spot as the locals tend to stick near base camp.

Small days will produce tidy a-frame style waves but it does become a dog fight for waves.

If you have a couple of days and you want to go live the beach life the locals are pretty friendly and well used to foreigners and will likely invite you for a beer and a curry.

General Break Information

Notes There is a statue on the end of another Tetra pod 400 to the South - A Female figure waving the fishermen off on their travels and bringing them good luck.

Kubo beach is almost smack at the end of the Narita Expressway and about 5 mins drive past the Kashima Stadium

(home of the Kashima Antlers Soccer team and used in the 2002 World cup)

A road trip there on the Ocean Day Weekend , Left Tokyo on Friday night at midnight, 130kms, 1.5 hrs door to beach.

Road tolls ¥ 1,450 yen each way

Best Size: 3 to 4 feet (chest to head)

Best Wind: South West ~ North West

Perfect-O-Meter: 4 Often fun seldom perfect (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Sand

Access: Free parking on the beach.

Crowd Factor: Weekends and holiday periods 5, weekdays 1 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo Station)

Local Vibe: friendly

Water Quality: 4 - typical Ibaraki (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: 7- Eleven 5 min drive away, 2 or 3 local restaurants close by. Water you can get by the big white tower and its drinkable.

Amenities: Closest toilet is the 7 - Eleven

Best Tide: Low incoming

Swell Direction: South East ~ North East

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