Live Web Cam

A great camera, with a high quality picture showing you a good idea of what is going on at this break.

Live Web Cam

On top of the Aquarium looking down over the park and out to sea , gives a great perspective of what the conditions are like to the West of Enoshima Island, and in the summer you can see how busy this beach really gets.

Live Web Cam

This one is almost like watching a continuous TV broadcast,

it does sometimes disappear for a few hours though so dont count on it.

Great when its working - well worth a look.

A high quality camera. You can see the whole coast line including some simply views of Mt Fuji .

One of the 10 most viewed cameras in Japan. Sometimes more than 1000 people logged in at the same time, probably bored office workers sitting in their office & dreaming of a surf session.

U-Stream Camera

Daily Photos

Umigasuki Wave Report

A SIJ favorite - because the updates are almost 100%,

The main reason to keep your eye on this one though is TYPHOONS!!!!

When it gets big it gets epic and its great to watch the swell lines of Corduroy headed towards the beach.

Amazing!! Enjoy

T-Stick Surf Report

This is a surf school web page and he adds daily photo uploads to his site,

normally 4 a day great images that show this break well.

Todays Wave Shonan Area

These daily photos are put together by a local surfer/photographer who cycles up and down Shonan taking photos of the waves. Nice clean pics taken with a great camera.

The USA Surf Daily Photos

Local Surf Shop Owner takes great morning and afternoon photos

Some locals talk about Kugenuma as the indicator spot for the whole Shonan coast. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to get this sorted out. The best way to get this knowledge is to access a scooter and ride up and down the shore checking what the waves are doing at each spot - while this is unlikely if you dont already live in Shonan, we will try and point you in the right direction.

Kugenuma is a black sand beach break, with left and right peaks along the length of the beach. It is a very mellow wave until it gets overhead then it starts getting more serious, depending on swell direction and tides the bigger days can go from beach wide closeouts to short punchy barrels. As always the goal is to find the available sand bars. As almost everywhere else Kugenuma is best on a low incoming tide. Northerly winds are off shore.

At the East end of the beach the sand is very flat and the beach is a bit sheltered by the island so the waves are mellow and small (can offer shelter when typhoons closeout to the rest of the beach). The middle of the beach is typical flat bottom sandy beach breaks, pick your break. Usually the waves at Kugenuma are mellow and long and will break well even at full high tide.

The next feature is the Hikiji rivermouth, always crowded with long boarders unless the swells get big and then you can have it to yourself.

Local Information & Recommendations Photo Map

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General Break Information

Kugunema Station Guide Click Here

Main Point Kugenuma / 鵠沼

This point is tucked in next to the sea wall, it is normally where all the beginners will hang out and a lot of the surf schools as well due to this being where the smallest waves can be found, Sand bottom the whole way out.

Aquarium Point / 水族館前

The car park on the opposite side to the main road from this point is the cheapest in town at 1000 yen per day fee. The break itself has a moving sand bar and can be a bit fat when its small, again a lot of beginners will hang out here meaning you can all the good waves if your good but it is a bit of a salmon course when you do.

MacDonald's Point / マック前

This break is called this because it used to be in front of the mac donalds which has now gone it is basically no in front of the Moss Burger on the main road before the river mouth.

The best surf season is mid-late summer when the typhoons really start to march up the coast. classic juicy surf from typhoons, often off shore or glassy.

Best Tide: low incoming is better

Best Swell Direction: SSE 170º ~ SW 212º (the island chain blocks a slice of this window).

Best Size: 4 feet (head high)

Best Wind: North

Perfect-O-Meter: 4 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Sand

Access: 50km from down town Tokyo, car parks (¥400/hr)

Crowd Factor: Holidays 9 +, weekdays 6 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo Station)

Local Vibe: compete with longboarders (gets a lot more competitive when it gets bigger)

Water Quality: 4 - (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: convenience stores, Macdonalds, Denny’s

Surf Shops: Everywhere; rental shops

Chang Half Point / 半チャン前

This is basically just to the left of the river mouth as you look out to sea , a lot of the locals will hang out here so be warned especially the really keen long boarders, on big days no problem but on smaller days , it can get aggressive, super long rides to be had when the sand bar is working and lots of fun.

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Some great little lines coming into this beach on a very cold winters day , with even snow on the beach!!

A day out on the beach ends with a bit of a sunset and a look at this famous break

Typhoon swell and a local surf shop owner going hard on his SUP great little vid.

This shows that even if its only 3ft there can be some top waves to be had at this break, well worth a watch.

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