Below is a photo archive of the so called Epic days that we have seen, it is a great peak as to how good it can be here in Japan.

We live for these days and do anything in our power to be in the water on them, if all else fails at least we had the pictures to drool over .

We hope you do the same. Enjoy. (we have just started so bare with us there are more epic days on the way)

Monday 9th June 2014 -Wow folks what can we say this morning apart from there is still swell and its was Cranking at the weekend. Truly sick weekend Chiba got some serious swell well into the head an a half range Saturday was a we bit stormy but for those that know where to look some of the reefs were working to perfection. Sunday was however the pic of the days with little to no wind and clean broken swell coming all day the reefs were working as were the sand bars. Take a look at our Facebook page for evidence. Back to today though down south IZU is bathed in Sunshine right now with small swell, Kanagawa a small amount of swell getting in but Chiba still the best place although the weather has gone grey yet again but who cares when there are head and a bit sets breaking ,crowd numbers will be light today as well so lots to be had for sure. Get out there and enjoy it if you can we will see you in the water soon. Cheers.

Monday 27th October 2013- Good morning to one and all. Wow what a weekend that was , it will for sure go down in the history books as one of the Top Big wave Typhoon weekends in the past 10 years. Saturday we saw the reefs at Kanagawa go ballistic with 15 to 18ft faced waves breaking on some of the reefs. The Sunday once the Typhoons had passed we saw the beach and reef breaks of Chiba go nuts. Kamogawa being the stand out place Maruki reef especially. For photos and more information make sure you check out the Surfing in Japan facebook page. Today though we have some stunning clear sky's and a perfect calm day. Lots of swell still to be had if you are willing to make the run up and into Ibaraki, waves in the double over head range and many of the reef breaks working to perfection. The long distance radar is showing one more possible Typhoon 29 forming , but tracking towards Taiwan Next few days will show where she heads. Fingers crossed for a bit more action up our way please. All in all though we have to say we were totally stoked.

Thursday 17th October 2013- Well folks as you can see from the pictures above , last night from 3.00pm on-wards and this morning is nothing short of EPIC we have pumping back swell coming in too all SIJ beach and reef breaks in the 6-8ft range with light variable winds and in most places not a cloud in the sky. Its going to be a day full of barrels and broken boards in my eyes. We have to remember those people though who were affected badly by the storm and our thoughts and prayers are with them today as the clean up begins. Japan has been battered by these storms for 100's of years now and as a country are very prepared but to have a 0 damage loss is almost impossible with the power these storms produce. Waves yesterday were about as big and clean as the get some people say 50 ft plus sets were observed at the big wave breaks. Any way if you are out there today you will not have to hunt around much enjoy the Bali style perfection and surf until your arms fall off. Send us pictures if you grab any and we talk to you all tomorrow Enjoy.

Wednesday 16th October 2013- TYPHOON 26 *WIPHA is the upon as we are typing this morning, a once in 10 year Typhoon that has slowly ground its way up the coast of Japan and will continue to do so all day long. Yesterday was a flawless day of perfection down in Kanagawa with 6-8ft sets poring in all day long. From 6.00pm last night though we have been dealing with heavy rain and now 6.00am strong winds. We also have 35-45 ft seas out there folks as well with winds over 100km Ph not a place you want to be surfing. But the speed of the typhoon is now up in the 65km a hour range which means by 6.00pm tonight it will be up and around the Hokkaido area leaving us down south with a perfect afternoon of great weather and probably perfect surf yet again. It will drop quickly from 10ft plus down to a manageable 6-8ft but it will still be a stunner of an afternoon for sure. Get out there and get some if you can.

In other News the RIP CURL Peniche Portugal otherwise know as SUPER TUBOS is now on LIVE ACTION can be found here. Keep up to date with the action!

Monday 7th October 2013- Morning to one and all after a very very pumping weekend for some. Kamogawa was the best we have seen it for a while folks there were some soilid 6-8ft faced waves coming in and breaking on almost perfect sand bars. Lots of tube riding was had as well as some charging walls. Kanagawa also got it good on Sunday with most of the reef breaks working well. Most of the size was from the Typhoon down south this mixed in with the solid east swell we had made for a perfect broken swell. We were lucky enough on Suunday to get some super fun charging walls right out front of HQ at Malibu on the SUP's as well which crowned a perfect weekend. This morning we are looking at very full tides again but the shallow beach breaks are working well already and then look for the reefs to work soon after. Similar swell to Saturday today meaning sets coming through every 10 mins or so.Bit cooler today though with many places having some light rain to deal with. As you can see from todays photos though it was a sick sick weekend. Fingers crossed for this one.

Friday 27th September 2013 - Morning folks and we are finally looking at the end or backside of Typhoon no.20 Pabuk and wow what a storm she was the link to full story is below. The past 3 days we have seen spectacular surf in the Kanagawa area some set bombs with 10-12ft faces on them. Some amazing riding as well as the Inamura Big Wave Classic going down. We have put a lot of updates onto the SIJ Facebook page so make sure you check there. Today all the action has moved round and into the Chiba area with perfect waves breaking on many of the beaches there NE swell with a nice light NE wind. There should be plenty of swell for the weekend as well maybe not so big but clean and fun for sure. We hope you were able to score some great waves over the past week, Pabuk will certainly go down in our history books as a perfect storm. Get out there and enjoy it today if you can.

Thursday 13th June 2013 - Well what can we say the last two days have been nothing short of EPIC!! Luckily enough Team SIJ have been down in Kanagawa for the past 2 days catching some solid surf that is being thrown off Typhoon No.3 of the season Yagi. We got to ride an Epic session out at Inamuragaseki near Schigi in Shonan until dark last night. Waves in the head and a half size range.Our good mates over at Air-Sup put us up for the night. Outstanding fellas thanks! Then again today by mid afternoon the swell was back and firing again, it looks like Yagi is going to head out into the pacific now and lose some of its strength but we will still have swell for a few days to come. Congratulations to Kelly Slater for winning the Fiji Pro Live is was here. For us though it's off to bed early ready to head out again in the morning.

Sunday 21st April 2013 - Well folks what a weekend we just had! Cold Wet and PUMPING! Epic surf! We have just had a day with what we can only call Typhoon style conditions. A perfect 2.5m SE swell hit with a prefect NW wind and lit up the breaks of Hebara Beach , Kusoshta and then as the storm came up the country the world class break of Malibu turned on from 2.00pm and gave us and the boys out a real treat massive sometimes double over head sets walling up to perfection over the reef. With quality waves at many breaks the numbers were small that were out as well which made it even more fun. This one will go down as an Epic weekend.

April 2nd 2011 - Hebara Beach Chiba Surf Session, the reason this is going down as an epic surf session is not because of the quality of waves more because , it is the first time back in the water for some of Team SIJ for more than 7 weeks , due to the *Earth Quake & Tsunami Disaster of March 11th 2011, it was great to be back among fellow surfers in the water doing what we love so much & just drove home the fact that this is not a sport and it is a lifestyle, and we are very happy to have found it.May there be many more great days like in 2011. More Pictures can be found on the Hebara break page.

February 15th 2011. For Large photos Click Here

December the 14th saw a quick moving storm roll up the Pacific bringing , big stormy conditions , that then turned into epic conditions in many places, Shonan area got amazing waves as seen below the first time in about 6 weeks , some places in Chiba also got solid conditions a real Autum bonus just before the cold weather really kicked in. Also with a high of 18 degrees amazing. Happy Days all round

December 9th 2010 - this has to go down as an epic day as, we had 15 second period swell coming in from the monster low in the pacific and Nijima Island had 10ft perfect waves all afternoon. Amazing. As good as surfing anywhere elese in the world ,crystal clear water. WOW.

November 27th 2010 - A day out in Kujigawa Ibaraki , great fast paced beach barrels all morning, offshore winds and sometimes glass off, warm water for this time of year as well as a high of 20 degrees C. One of the team had his little boy with him as well , which made it even more special.

November 19th and 20th saw a 5m Swell roll into Hebara and Malibu etc, the team got some seriously big waves with one of them getting barreled twice on one wave , insane, amazing ,stoked!!

October 31st 2010 : The entire team scored big time at Maruki Reef in Kamogawa Chiba, 3-4ft Conditions with perfect offshore winds , So much fun with some really good solid rides.

October 31st: An out of control session at Sendai-Shinko with 20ft plus monsters rolling in and a few brave souls taking them on !!!

October 26th 2010 : Sendai shinko and Nijima island saw the most amazing conditions 5-6ft solid , with the perfect period as well tube heaven.

October 23/24th 2010 : A cancelled surf comp trip ended up being the right choice , Maruki in Kamogawa on fire for 2 days , topped off with a perfect session at a secret spot in Chiba , where one of the team caught his best wave there yet.Stoked.

October 10th 2010 : Fast moving Pacific low produced solid 4-6ft at Akabama and Kujigawa Beach Breaks the crew went hard and had a lot of fun.

September 27th 2010 : Northen swell came in to the Kamogawa Area this combined with offshore winds prduced clean 3ft conditions.

September 26th 2010 : Swell from Typhoon continues to push massive swell into the coast line.

September 25th 2010 *Huge Typhoon *see Hebara page and Moriya Page for more photos and video.

19thAugust 2010

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