JULY 2013

Below is our archive of daily wave report photos from July 2013. JUNE 2013 CLICK HERE

Tuesday 30th July 2013 - Great morning out there folks if you are either down south in Shizuoka or up in the top part of Chiba or anywhere that is going to be picking up this little 2ft swell we have coming outta of the south, very clean lines coming in , not so powerful but defiantly fun. Ioka at time of writing had about 10 guys out all catching long mellow rides across perfect sandbars. Weather wise similar to yesterday with outbreaks of rain in many places but still very hot so a joy to be in and around the water. Surf could pick up a little through the day as this low develops but its moving away , not towards us which is a little depressing. Long range again is not showing to much action. Many folks now looking ahead to the Obon week and a long break from work. Mid August. (NewFacebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Monday 29th 2013 - Well folks we are back after a very busy weekend of doing many many things. Firstly there was the second Warrior Dash Event held out in Chiba which was a huge event and crazy amounts of fun. Then it was out to the beach for some Japanese Summer fun. Wave wise again like the past few weeks nothing epic coming in but if you picked the tides at the right time there were the odd few spots that were working well. Today there is very much more of the same small 1-2ft east swell and light variable winds. Look to be out over the middle to low tide times which are around mid day and on a shallow break. Or even better a reef if you can find one. The other thing that took of last weekend was the Jelly Fish invasion is in full swing , the lack of water moment and light onshore winds at times have bought them in in there droves. Yesterday paddling around on a SUP we often saw clusters of more than 20 at a time. Be careful out there and remember to always carry a med kit in the car just in case.(New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day. Us open of surfing live can be found here.

Thursday 25th 2013 - Good morning to one and all out there. Well as expected we are looking at an almost carbon copy of a day compared to yesterday Nothing more than a 1ft wave to be had anywhere on the coast to be honest and those can really only be found up north or down south on the very shallow sand breaks. The cloud is still with us as is the rain. The best bet like yesterday is set up the computer on the big screen and sit back to watch the USA Surfing Open action which is going on live online. line later in this post. Many folks have been asking us where the best place is to buy a Stand Up Paddle Board here in Japan is a 5 min search on Rakuten will show you that you will need very deep pockets or a visit to a local surf shop will also show you the same thing. We have been trying more than 5 companies this year and finally decided to go for the ones below , if your looking for a great SUP for riding waves look no further these things are amazing and at just over 100,000 yen more than affordable.(New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day. Us open of surfing live can be found here.

Wednesday 24th 2013 - Ok folks we have a ground hog day here in Japan still very much Flat to 1ft conditions pretty much everywhere, you really are going to have to get out your longboard or stand up paddle board if you really are going to want to have some fun out there. The same places as yesterday are looking the best as well , top of Chiba and into Ibaraki. The next few days we have some rain forcast but if we are lucky it will hold off here in Tokyo. the weekend is now looking good with sunny sky's forecast. Long range shows a little bit of action heading our way middle of next week but no solid Typhoon action on the long range as of yet. Fingers crossed though.(New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day. Us open of surfing live can be found here.

Tuesday 23rd 2013 - Wow we have what we call an super Flat day here in Japan , almost little to no swell coming in what so ever at any of our breaks , the only 2 places we have see that even look ride able are the very top part of Chiba and the Ibaraki but even they are very very small and in the 1ft range it is however going to be a stunner of a day yet again with very high temps up there in the 35 degree heat here in Tokyo. It still looks like we are in for some rain from tomorrow on-wards so get out there and enjoy the great weather while you can. The weekend looks like it will clear up a little but still a lot of cloud around for sure. In other news the US open of Surfing is under way with record crowds expected. Live can be found here 100% as they go through the heats the action is due to go ballistic as it always does! (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Monday 22nd 2013 - Good morning to one and all, we will get straight into things today then and firstly wave news, not much going on at all today very much a summer slump. Kanagawa is completely flat and looks more like a lake than the Pacific ocean as we move into Chiba and Ibaraki there is only a small jump in size to the 1-2ft range as well. Winds are still light but we are around the full moon time of the month so there are huge tides. If you are hunting head for a shallow beach to increase the chance of getting a workable wave. Looking ahead we are in for a bit of wet weather later this week with many days forecast as ran right now. It is also the weekend of Fuji Rock and the second Warrior dash event. More details to follow later in the week. If you are on holiday get out there and enjoy the water if not enjoy whatever you are doing. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Friday 18th 2013 - Well its turning out to be one more stunner of a day here in the land of the rising sun folks! The sky is clear in many parts and the sun HOT HOT HOT! the rain front has gone and so has the wind and we are looking at 4 days straight of sunny hot weather just in time for the weekend. But keep yours eyes open for the odd thunder storm. Wave wise today things are back into the 1-2ft range with light variables winds very clean at most breaks perfect for beginners , most schools around the country break up today as well so from here on in the beaches are going to be packed! Get out there with your family and friends and enjoy one of the best things about living in Japan , THE PACIFIC OCEAN. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Thursday 18th 2013 - Morning folks, well the South wind has kicked in again and is making a total mess of most of the surf breaks within the SIJ surf area. It is also bringing some rain with it and many places had a shower or two last night and there will be more of that to come today. The best place by far on the coast line is Ibaraki with light off-shore winds and some nice clean 1-2ft conditions. Dont worry though the good weather will be back with us for the weekend. In other news our good friend Dave Yamaya (Long Boarding Pro based in Kamogawa) will be taking part in the Yamada Cup this weekend down at Maruki in Kamogawa a great event with lots to do in and out of the water. Pop by to say hello if you are in the area. Weekend is still looking small but we have a low on the long range forecast that may bring us swell next weekend. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Tuesday 17th 2013 - Good morning to one and all, we are one day closer to the school holiday's here in Japan and the word on the street is that the schools will break up this Friday meaning look for the Summer Beach Season to kick into overdrive from then on-wards Thats going to mean Grid lock on the roads heading out to the coast, parking tariff's to drop into place and swimmers beach nets to be up and in force. For some surfers it really is all a little to much & this coupled with the lack of waves can often turn the line up into a dark and nasty place , as many frustrated Japanese weekend warrior's start to turn there anger out on any one that gets in there way. (Avoid this at all cost) not a pretty site and in most cases your never going to win with people already in a dark place. Our advice is hunt down those places you normally don't surf , breaks of the beaten track away from all the madness, take that extra stroll down the beach for 1km to the break beyond the horizon it often is well worth it. Any way back to today , pretty much same as yesterday small , stunning weather and a great day to be in and around the water. Possible surf on the horizon later on into the weekend. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Monday 16th 2013 - Well it's all over folks the day day weekend is a wrap! It was a real mixed bag as well depending on what part of the coast you were based upon. Our good mates in Shizuoka had solid 6ft surf from the Typhoon , Kanagawa had it best with solid 4ft surf and then Chiba up to around the Kamogawa area had 2ft Surf then the North was pretty much flat all weekend. One thing though was the lack of any real solid wind for the whole of the Chiba area which allowed a solid Fog to build up and destroy much of Saturday and the best part of Sunday to for the northern beaches. SIJ had a great weekend though looking around Surfing, Suping, Fishing and just hanging out. Today though the country is going back to work and the surf has backed off and most places are in the 1-2ft size with clean fun conditions. Its going to be hot from here on out so if you hit the beach take your sunscreen . (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Friday 12th 2013 - Good morning to one and all on this fun and fantastic Friday!1 i can here so many folks shouting in their heads ! Yes finally it's the weekend and Sick there is going to be some Typhoon swell surf around! & even sicker the weather is going to be perfect so i can be out in boardshorts and a rash vest! and its a 3 day weekend with Monday being a national holiday! Well if you are the whole of the SIJ surf team are with you on that. Today though is still a stunner as all breaks from the bottom of Izu up to the top of Chiba are getting this quality surf from Soulik and as of yet those South winds have not kicked in messing up the line up. Looking ahead there will be solid swell Saturday and Sunday but at some point on Sunday the winds will switch and start coming out of the North but still only light. Monday the swell will start to back off as well. What ever happens though i think it's going to be a cracker we hope to see you out in the water. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Thursday 11th 2013 - Right then straight into then , firstly thank you to one and all for your messages this morning more than 30+ from people asking where they should head out to or when will the swell arrive? Thus far lots of size is being seen down in Shizuoka and the KMB boys are going to be milking the conditions, Kanagawa is looking good and very clean with size in the bay around 2-4ft and then up in Chiba things are still small but that will change by lunch time going into the late afternoon. The winds are going to come with it though as a diffrent low starts to blow as well. Tomorrow there is no dought it will be big but the south wind could be a killer , but looking further ahead into Saturday things are lining up to be a stunner with the wind due to drop off and the swell to organize itself and the weather to be stunning. We could all be in for an epic 3 day holiday!! (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Tuesday 9th 2013 - Well what a stunner yet again folks , the sky is blue and the sun is out for the bottom half of the SIJ surf area and its going to be hot hot hot with small but clean waves. But from Central Chiba up with have FOG and lots of it mates are calling in from the Shirako area saying visibility is down to around 20m not to worry though this should clear up by mid morning and you also will be left with a perfect blue sky day and nice little waves. In other news Typhoon No.6 of the season is official "SOULIK" currently down south under Okinawa with a course towards HongKong. If we are lucky up here and she slows down enough we may get a few small pulses pushed our way later in the week if not all the action is going to be down south. So grab your gear and jump on a cheap Air Asia flight to grab some Epic Typhoon swell at one of the small islands.(New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Monday 8th 2013 - Good morning to one and all after what can only be described as a very very windy weekend. Those South winds really got up to speed over the weekend. Some places were calling it 40knots plus. There were still some pockets of surf to be had though which was great to see. But its was also a good time to hang out on the beach as the summer weather has arrived with full force. Wave wise today though we are back into the small stuff but with clean conditions waves at most breaks are around the 1-2ft range the sun is out the wind has gone and its going to be hot hot hot. Looking ahead this weekend coming is a 3 day one and it's Ocean day on Monday so look for all beaches to be very very busy with people out trying to have fun. Leave early come back late is the call. What the waves will be like is anyones guess right now , there is a typhoon forming but looks like it will head out towards HongKong only time will show if this comes true.(New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Friday 5th 2013 - Fantastic Friday Folks!! Or Not... Last day in the office for many or a day off for others either way you look today its a pretty grizzly one , we are still stuck in the same pattern as we have been for the past week small swell with a very very strong southerly wind blowing. This is also going to continue right through the weekend. Basically the low that is sitting in the japan sea and the low in the pacific are moving at a very very slow rate of knots , typical pattern for this time of year. The good thing though is that the sun should be out in all her glory tomorrow and the temps are going to sky rocket up into the low 30s so it will still be fun to be around the water. Its going to be all about finding the breaks that work well in this south wind , there are not many of them so look for it to busy when you arrive.(New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Thursday 4th 2013 - Well folks today is looking rather grizzly and ghastly to be honest we have our strong winds from the south and lots of cloud cover as well as a strong chance of rain in many places not a great day to be out at the beach with your family. But if you are a surfer looking to get in the water there is still the odd place that will be ok in these conditions , on of those is Taito but remember in just because there is a lot of driving swell from the south it does not mean it will be hitting the coast. A lot of it will just keep going past and out into the big deep blue. This pattern is set to last and its anyone's guess what the weekend will be like. But with ocean day fast coming up and the beach bars having there training weekend this week i know there are many folk out there that are praying for a change to the solid summer conditions that Japan often has.(New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Wednesday 3rd 2013 - The South winds have kicked in and kicked in hard folks. We have a large low sitting out in the Nihon-ki (Japan Sea) and another one forming up high in the pacific which is going to create the suck up from the south system which will be with us till well into the weekend. In a nut shell it means we have solid south swell driving hard but the same pattern winds with it. The size will not be with us until maybe Friday but the rules will remain the same , look to be out at breaks that work well in this like Chikura or Taito if we are lucky we may see a shift in the winds some time into the weekend leaving us perfect fun conditions. The temps are on the rise as well and by the weekend it will be well into the 30's. In other news we just put a little SUP video together of one of our team riders out in Chiba check it it out below or here. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Tuesday 2nd 2013 - Well it's here the summer heat that is, there is a real bump in the temperature early on this morning in Tokyo and the lack of wind is making it feel very muggy. Wave wise it is one notch up from yesterday however with that nasty east wind finally gone. Most breaks though are still small with nothing more than a 1-2ft wave to be had. It's all about finding a shallow break with a nice solid sand bar and no people today in my eays. This will increase the fun your gonna have. Other wise your fun can often turn to frustration very very quickly. A stunning day to be out enjoying the water what ever you deiced to ride weather it be a short board , canoe, sail boat, SUP or even a rubber ring. Just be careful and clean up after yourself. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Monday July 1st 2013 - Good morning to one and all after what can only be described as a great weekend of Surfing In Japan , the weather turned out to be perfect with blue sky and hot sunshine both on Saturday and Sunday. The east wind really only picked up late Sunday but by then most people had already had a great time out at the beach. Today though is the 1st day of July and we are starting it in a similar way to June small waves cloud cover and a little bit of wind. But things are changing the heat is on its way, later this week we will see the temps go over 30 degrees and hopefully some swell from down south roll in. Only time will tell. In other news some of the big pools in and around the Tokyo area opened last weekend and the beach bars are almost all complete look fr anywhere around water to be pack every weekend from now on it's Japan where 120 million people need to keep cool during the crazy summer heat.(NewFacebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.