2011 Season Typhoon "Songda" May 25th - June 3rd

2011 and the 2nd Typhoon of the year. Up here in Kanto region, Shonan and Chiba, Songda sent waves for a good few days, and when everyone thought she had gone past without showing her best she surprised us all & produced "EPIC" condition's.

Okinawa, Kyushu, Shikoku, Wakayama, Izu, Shonan, Chiba, Ibaraki, Fukushima - Every where on the Pacific got good waves Pre or Post

and sometimes Pre & Post her passing.

Songda's track up the Pacific side of Japan was good, too close to be really perfect, but still a lot of places got really really good.

The reports out of Shikoku gave it a 8/10 with the river mouths being really good, (huge rain washing silt and fridges and dogs out and creating exciting sand/junk bars). Shonan turned on for a day, Monday 30th, perfect waves on the Zushi reefs and light offshore winds in the morning.

As the swell dropped in the evening the beach breaks started firing, guessing the river mouth breaks were all time.

Chiba was closed out for all of Monday and most of Tuesday except a few protected bays and reefs that were firing the best in a long time.

Even Malibu had a wave though the direction was not so good for this point.

Songda drove SW swell before her and then sprinted past and stalled out in the pacific off Fukushima sending NE swell back into Fukushima, Ibaraki and Chiba. Tuesday and Wednesday were good in parts of Chiba, One of the reefs breaking perfectly with waves 3X + overhead, solid 20ft wave face on the takeoff.

Wednesday and Thursday were still too big for Ibaraki and North with Friday being the day and surf into the weekend as well.

Living the life of a surfer we wait in anticipation for these storms, and fingers crossed this is the year for lots of them.

2010 there were only a couple that sent good waves so they are rare and always very special.

May there be many many more days like these.

Thanks Huey