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Daily Photos

Daily photos taken by a local Surf Shop owner, morning then afternoon and of two different points on the beach. A popular surf beach with a diffrent set of wind rules to most of Chiba. Keep your eyes on this one.

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Taito 太東

Smack in the middle of the Chiba coast line Taito is a surf magnet and one of the center points of Japanese surfing.

June 2010: The ASP held one of the men's long board competitions here. Won for the 5th time in a row by Bonga Perkins.

Taito is the bottom of the long stretch of sandy coast that winds in an even curve all the way up to Ioka at the top. A massive breakwater conveniently protects a fishing port and creates sand bars to the north of it. Taito is a sand bottom break that is a favorite with long boarders and other than on big direct swells its main wave is a mellow right hander. As the swells get bigger short boarders get a much more even chance of getting waves as the inside thumping seems to deter many long boarders (often they ride or get washed into the beach and walk back around to the small bay with its evevator rip out to the main peak).

A very Japanese style of localism is alive and well at this beach, it has a very definite pecking order to it but does not really affect who gets waves. So if you are in the right spot and take off cleanly its yours (and with possibly 3 or 6 others who decide to join with you) Kinda old California style.

There is a huge car park (free) and toilets and showers and a nice promenade to skate along or just hang out on. Watch the surfer girls, party and check out the huge variety of surf craft.

Out side the fishing port is a bombora reef that starts working on BIG swells (4m +). You need a big board to get out there and ride the thing, not something to be attempted alone.

Best Tide: Taito works on all tides, low incoming is better

Best Swell Direction: SE ~ NE

Best Size: 2 to 7 feet (knee to 2 ft overhead)

Best Wind: SSW ~ W

Perfect-O-Meter: 5 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)

Bottom: Sand (artificial fishing nets reef)

Access: 100km from down town Tokyo

Crowd Factor: Weekends and holiday periods 8, weekdays 7 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo Station)

Local Vibe: generally friendly, lots of long-boarders and beginners

Water Quality: 4 - (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Food: 100m to the south 7-Eleven and a great western style roasted/fried chicken restaurant or various restaurants up on the main road (route 128).

Surf Shops: Everywhere - recommend Kennys (longboards and retro boards) and Keen’s standard Shortboards and custom shaped epoxy boards

Getting to Taito

By Train: from Tokyo to Kazusa Ichinomiya then grab a taxi to Taito Beach.

By car: out to the coast and down the coast road (about 100km from downtown Tokyo or through the aqua line and across the peninsula.

Surf Town Fiesta

One of the first events of the summer, the festival is held yearly around the first week of June. From June until the end of August, beach tents are erected where food, ice cream, and drinks are available. The waves are usually small during this time of year.

Local Information & Recommendations Photo Map

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General Break Information

Seagull Mai シーイーグル前

Artificial reef made from old fishing nets about 200 m down from the Taito car-park. The setup is maintained by an old Japanese guy and he can often be seen adding nets to the mass already there, most with their floats attached. The locals are fine with it and it does create a sand bank in an otherwise flat sand area.

Pre 2015

The most potholed surf road in Japan, Shidashita is Tokyo’s epicentre of hot dogging, performance and competition surfing, more Japanese champs call this home than any other break in the country.

Long boarders - walk down the beach to Taito. Short boarders, if you want waves you better be on your game and if you are you might end up with a double page spread in a surf mag as there are always photographers hunting the ‘Cover Shot’

Shidashita 志田下 Official Olympic Surf Venue for the 2020 Surf GamesIn 2015 the Shidashita car park was given a major overhaul to bring it up to standard for holding world class surf events.

It is now completely paved with beach showers plumbed in. In 2016 the 6 Star Prime WSL event was held here with great success & used almost as a demo to prove its worth as an olympic surf venue. In August of 2016 the announcement was also finally made that the IOC had voted to include surfing in the 2020 games and that Shidashita was most likely going to be the venue for this world first.

For more detailed information regarding the 2020 Games and Shidashita & the surrounding area please take a look at the following page.

Torami 東浪見An open beach a couple of hundred meters north of Shidashita. Few resident local surfers and often a good choice if Taito and Shidashita are busy. In big south swells the size gets consistantly bigger the further north you go.Note: from Taito north for approximately 10 km a 500 meter wide pine forest has been planted to protect the dunes and slow down a tsunami. parking can be an issue so look for other surfers parking or pay ¥500 at one of the surf shops (after surf showers usually included). There are waves all along this stretch of coast, the breaks are often named after the surf shops, hospitals, hotels, convenience stores etc on the main road.

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May 2010: A good mate convinced me to throw a sick day from work and head to Taito, SE swell 2 meters, 11 second period and strong south winds. At Taito the wave was overhead and breaking quite cleanly as a right hander. BUSY!!Between Seagull- mai and Torami the conditions were clean and the size significantly bigger. Most waves were steep walls and many were barreling as they hit the sand bars. Really exciting if you don’t mind a serious thrashing in a washing machine full of sand. Shidashita was doing the same and there were at least 6 professional photograpers shooting the action. Ichinomiya was bigger still with no one out.This section can and does deliver excellent surf quite regularly...

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