Below is our archive of daily wave report photos from August 2011. JULY 2011 CLICK HERE

Summary of the month : August hands down had to be one of the best months we have seen in a long time mainly because at the beginning we had one typhoon followed a week later by one more , it looked so good we jumped onto a boat to Nijima and went to surf this great little island.

Also some of the other crew jumped in the car and went and surfed such places as , Omezaki in Shizuoka, Fujigawa river mouth, a secret spot in Izu it truly was the month of almost perfect conditions. with a lot of top surf days got.

Best memories of the month: Yet to be decided.

1. Amazing session at Mamashta on Nijima Island getting barreled with a pro photographer Thiago in the water.

2. Finding out where to park at secrets on Nijima and working out the whole island so we now know when to go and get it goo.

3. Having a 5 day trip to Nijima with the SIJ crew and scoring almost perfect conditions every single day . Outstanding.

4. Some of the crew riding Omezaki and Fujigawa as well.

Biggest Wave Ridden: Double over head secret spot Nijima wave with a 5 second barrel and having my mates see me fully in.