May 2014

Below is our archive of daily wave report photos from May 2014. April 2014 CLICK HERE

Monday 2nd June 2014 - Foggy morning out there for many parts folks. We have moved into the summer as June has rolled round and air temps went way up past 30 on Saturday and Sunday , this combined with the cold water up welling's that the southern winds sometimes brings creates the dreaded Fog. Wave wise today things are also looking really small folks nothing more than a few knee high waves to be had really and if your going to want to get those you will need to head to the shallow breaks of Ioka Taito etc etc even then avoid the high tide. If it is waves you are after though check some out online with the link below for the Fiji Pro. Long range forecast is showing some possible wave action later on the week with a small low front developing down south and then possibly making its way north by Thursday or Friday. See you in the water soon.

Friday 30th May 2014 - Good morning to one and all on what should be the start of a stunning weekend, i mean a really top notch one weather is going to be amazing, Tokyo Komozawa Park Oktoberfest starts tonight which is a great way to get it under way. Wave wise today and into the weekend things are going to be pretty similar small and from the south with very light variable winds. Expect the numbers of folks heading out to the ocean to increase every weekend now as the weather heats up so we would advise you to start leaving earlier to avoid the traffic. We will have rainy season hit us in the next few weeks but as of yet nothing in the forecast. Have a great day and we hope to see you in the water over the weekend. Cheers.

Thursday 29 th May 2014 - Well folks all that stunning swell of the past for days has all but finally gone it's now really only Ibaraki that has some quality swell still rolling in but even then its very sporadic. Also the air temps have shot up a lot in the past week and we are officially into what we call FOG time cold water warm air = FOG south Ibaraki covered in it. Also as we move into the month of June we start to see all the beach bars and food shops start to get built on the local spots which will service the millions of beach goers over the 2 summer months, more on that another day. back to the surf though winds are still light and there are small waves to be had at most breaks you will just need to be patient and stay out a little longer to really have a top notch session. This weekend looks like it will be hot and sunny with small surf so lots to look forward to indeed. Have a good one and go get wet if you can.

Wednesday 28th May 2014 - Great morning out there in the water again folks we still have a ton of swell from the storm 48hrs ago you will want to pick your spot though as some places are working much better than others. At time of writing Kanagawa looked fun with waist to chest high peelers coming through Izu down the bottom similar then Chiba being a bit fickle with north still a bit funky and south not so much size getting in. Ibaraki clean with long lines coming in with sets well overhead. Weather wise things will stay sunny and hot the whole day with light variable winds only. For sure a day to be in or on the water what ever your weapon of choice is. Things will be getting much smaller during the week so best get out there and enjoy it while you can. See you out there.

Tuesday 27th May 2014 - Well good morning to one and all on what we will call a day after the storm, last 2 days its been blowing hard south and last night we got pounded with rain then this morning we wake up to What? After storm magic in many areas,especially our favorite Kanagawa, nice clean sets rolling in well overhead with perfect off shore winds, Chiba starting to clean up a bit but at time of writing really only all the reef breaks. Ibaraki still covered in rain and wind but that will change as the day goes on. All in all the sun will come out and e should have 8 hrs of quality clean surf in all areas well worth making the trip out for. Long range forecast looks rather small for the next 7 days as well which is even more reason to get out there today. We hope to see you in the water.

Friday 23rd May 2014 - Morning to one and all after yesterday's titanic day of surf, good news is there is still a lot of swell around to be had especially up North Ibaraki (Classic Ibaraki Today) the large storm has moved north and is pushing NE long period swell at us ,winds today are a little bit variable but at times will be off shore. Kanagawa looking a little small to be honest but still fun for long board and SUP. Looking ahead into the weekend waves tomorrow morning should be good but then we will see the winds switch and come strong outta the south. Weather is going to be great with highs up in the mid 20's what more can we ask for really. Get out there and get some if you can. Hope to see you in the water.

Thursday 22nd May 2014 - Firstly Thank You everyone for my Birthday wishes yesterday! Im blown away by the sheer numbers. Wave wise today though WOW it is pumping defiantly 4.5* day for sure we have mid period heavy back swell from the storm that hit us yesterday with perfect weather conditions , the sky is blue the winds are light and off shore and there are peaks firing everywhere. A look at the cameras is showing that Chiba and the open breaks have the most size for sure but Kanagawa is working well with sets around shoulder high. Lots of folks out enjoy it mind you and im sure there are a few folks that are skipping the office to go get some. The size will back away somewhat over the day but there is no point talking about anything else "IT'S ON" so go get in the water! Check our Facebook later for some more photos of all the days action. Its going to be Good!!

Wednesday 21st May 2014 - Good morning to one and all on what so happens to be my Birthday, no point hiding it. Thank you to all of you that have sent messages they mean a lot. Should be a few beers and good times with family and friends tonight. But back to the surf which is why you are here and reading, today as we said yesterday there is a large low front moved up from the south and we have lashing rain and strong on shore wind with it. Surf is a mess in most places as well. This is going to change though and by mid afternoon we should see the winds go off shore and the size to increase and we should be left with some pretty dam nice conditions , if we are lucky well overhead. Tomorrow we will be back to glorious sunshine and perfect conditions and as we move into the weekend weather will stay ok but swell we back off somewhat. If you get out there today and score some waves let us know, we are always glad to hear how good your day was. If not we hope to see you in the water soon.

Tuesday 20th May 2014 - Good morning to one and all well straight into today swell is still really small but that is due to change as is the weather we have a large low pressure system forming down south today that will makes its way up the coast from now through Friday it going to bring some nice swell with it as well as 1 day of rain tomorrow, but then things will clear up quick and we should be left with fun clean surf. Back to today though if you are looking to get a wave head out on the low tide and to a break that has a long shallow sand bar to increase your chance of scoring, Ioka beach up north is our guess, there is some early morning fog though as we move into that time of year where the ocean temps are still cold but air temps are going up fast. We hope to see you in the water soon. Have a great day. PS founder of Surfing In Japan Birthday tomorrow what to do what to do? Any suggestions.?

Monday 19thth May 2014 - Good morning to one and all after what was a stunning weekend perfect weather not much swell but some fun stuff on Saturday for sure. But moving into today and what do we have going onfor you guys. Well swell wise still very small out there and on top of this we are also looking at a full moon which means we have some pretty massive tide swings going on around lunch time today in many places we will be down to as low as 0.001 which trust me is low. A lot of the reefs will be exposed which means - Be careful - we often see a lot of accidents around this sort of time as people surf spots where there are normally no waves and get caught out by the lowness of the water. Regarding water as well things are starting to warm up a bit now almost to the stage of a 2mm suit being fine. Lots of great stuff happening here in SIJ HQ giveaways and Trips being organized. Update on all that later. Enjoy your day.

Friday 16th May 2014 - Swell / South / Long Period /Sunshine / Little to no Wind / Game on folks , its a stunner out there. Wow what a day the large low pressure that has been hanging around is far enough away and moving slow enough that we have perfect waves rolling in to most places. Look fro breaks that pick up the South swell to get largest swell. It is also going to back away somewhat through the day so the time to be out there is now. At time of talking Kanagawa waist to shoulder size, Chiba in places head and a half with Ibaraki super clean pushing double in places, even Shizuoka was head and a bit and clean. Weekend is looking like size will back off really quickly and Sunday will be back down into the 1ft range. Weather perfect though with light variable winds and highs of 22+, have a great day and we hope to see you out there. Cheers.

Wednesday 14th May 2014 - PUMPING ! Yes folks great news this morning it is on fire out there folks, we have waves everywhere from Shizouka up to Ibaraki. Kanagawa is in the waist to head high range and not wind at all , Ibaraki the same but Chiba is reigning king supreme again with sets sometimes pushing double over head in places. Period is around 8-10 seconds winds are non existent or slightly off shore and number out in the water are very very light. If your out and about you are in for a very very special day indeed. We will be back tonight with some photos for you and im sure our Japan based Photographers will be sending us some latest action from their areas as well so check in to Face Book to see all the action. Have a great day whatever your up too and we hope to see you in the water soon.

Tuesday 13th May 2014 - Morning to one and all on what can only be described as a solid change in the weather , wet and windy with a fast moving low pressure system coming in from the south. It has bought some short period swell with it but around 6 second in period. The good news is that Chiba may switch to off shore winds over the coming hours meaning we may be left with some solid fun size for a short while. Thus today is all about being mobile. Make sure your able to zip around check and when ever you see its good to get in , get it and milk it while you can. Things shouldd brighten up again tomorrow but we are now heading fast in Rainy Season which traditionally is at the end of may begining of June last few years have been very dry so we are overdue a really wet one. In other News link below for the ASP world Tour Check congratulations to Micheal Bourez on winning the Rio Pro , outstanding job. On to the next one.

Friday 9th May 2014 - Very short week this week folks, today wave wise we have some medium strength east winds rolling in also little to no swell so at best today you are looking at funky and junky conditions. Weather great though and very good clear air quality. Warm as well. The weekend is looking like a stunner apart from,mmm how do we say this very little swell again it will however be a fantastic weekend for just hanging at the beach as its going to be warm sunny and off shore winds in Chiba water quality is going to be crystal clear so perfect for Snorkeling or SUPing, Fishing, or just having a blast running around on the beach. In a nut shell get up earlier pack a picnic and get out there and enjoy it. Trust us you will feel much better in the morning.

Thursday 8th May 2014 - Well folks surf wise today with have very little on offer anywhere to be honest and you will be hard pushed to find quality for sure. To add insult to injury we have some light onshore winds blowing from the south which is making most breaks funky and junky. Still ok in sheltered spots and fun to be out on a paddle board or Kayak etc. Weather is warm and sunny though so a pleasure to be outside for sure. Best news for sure is that they have change the weather for this weekend and it is now due to be arm and sunny as well with some light cloud cover which is a big difference from cold and wet which it was a few days ago. Any how some big news coming up like free give aways on FaceBook and a massive trip planned for the SIJ crew so keep popping in for updates its going to be a fun summer here at SIJ HQ, Enjoy and see you in the water folks.

Wednesday 7th May 2014 - Good morning to one and all , sorry its been a while , it was Golden week and holiday time but we are now back and in the driving seat which is great but kinda sad at the same time. 4 days of fun surf and some serious amounts of Paddle Board Training going on. But back to today and the sun is with us yet again waves are on the small side but they are very clean, not much tide movement either today so if you see some action don't wait around get in straight away. Similar conditions everywhere but Kanagawa will be almost flat most of the day . Short week this week for many people, looking ahead thursday ,friday much of the same before the rain moves back in for the weekend , urgh! we should then fingers crossed see some more action there after. Have a great day whatever you get up to and we hope to see you on the water soon.

Thursday 1st May 2014 - Still wet and windy out here folks but we should see that change by the end of today and finally wake up tomorrow morning to a glorious sunny start and cranking waves. But back to today and things are a complete mess to be honest one of those rare mornings where i think you would be better off having a sleep in. Wind is strong and ocean is ugly. So lets talk about tomorrow and Golden week , tomorrow winds will be light and off shore and we will have long period swell arrive from Typhoon No.5 (Tafa) which has started to head north S/SE 5-6ft range so it will be big, this will then fade away as we head through the holiday and we will just be left with fun 1-2ft surf. The winds will start from the south then mid weekend come from the north before finally coming out of the south at the end of the 4 day break. Weather should be 20-25 everyday hot and sunny so take the sunblock. Roads will be hell so get out early if you can the drive home will be insane leave late if you can and enjoy the beach longer. Be safe ,paddle hard and enjoy Epic Japan.