Below is our archive of daily wave report photos from November 2011. OCTOBER 2011 CLICK HERE

Summary of the month : November was a pretty great month for surf in the first half, without doubt though the highlight was a back to back epic sessions at Kamogawa beach in Chiba. Perfect conditions.

Best memories of the month:

1. Kamogawa epic sessions back to back

2. Tatio session with back to back waves ridden by our team riders that were almost the best two waves of the year!!

3. Spending the night in the car in 100mph winds topped off with a 4.8Magnitude earth quake at 4.00am

4. Dream waves more than we can count at Kamogawa, truly stunning, amazing .

Biggest Wave Ridden: Hard to tell really but for sure biggest face seen was at Ichinomiya, with one of the team trying to paddle into a beach break wave pulling out last second and seeing Japanese guy below on a yellow twin fin retro board, the thing was 4 x over head, the other team SIJ member saw the guy get swallowed up by it!!!