Below is our archive of daily wave report photos from JULY 2013 CLICK HERE

Friday 30th August 2013 - Well its started already the first signs of this Typhoon that is sitting down south, we have the strong southerly winds this morning which will be with us all weekend and some swell. We very much hope that the swell will keep building throughout the day into some solid conditions for tomorrow It is going to be a bit of a batten down thee hatches weekend though folks and hunt for a place where it is off shore. Those main breaks of course are going to be the likes of Chikura down south Chiba and Taito North Chiba. Nijima will be good as well but the JSPA competition is on as well so expect it to be busy. For many swimming pools as well this is the last weekend they are open so they may be crowded as well. Next week most schools go back and so most of the beach bars and swimming areas will close , so it will be back to normal for the surf community. Get out there and enjoy if you can.

Thursday 29th August 2013 - Morning to one and all. SIJ are glad to be back here in Japan. We took a few days off to take a trip over to the UK as one of the owners parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. But we are back and looking forward to getting in the water. Wave wise what do we have on offer. Well if you are down South like Okinawa South then things are looking good, as the Typhoon is heading in and sending some solid waves. Up here in the regular SIJ area things are in the 2-3ft range with light variable winds. Most breaks have some fun sized sets coming in. Outlook for the weekend ahead though is that things are going to take a change for the worse we have some strong southerly winds coming up and grey skies with rain mixed in. There could be some good swell but it is going to be in the same direction as the wind so you are going to have to pick your breaks well. More on all that tomorrow. Enjoy your day if your out there. It's perfect.

Wednesday 21st August 2013 - Well then folks its pretty much the final day of average surf , before the Pacific ocean starts showing what she really is made of, Things today will be similar to yesterday just 1-3ft surf at most breaks with light variable winds. But later tonight those breaks from Kanagawa and further south are going to see a solid swell arrive from the south and by early morning things could be really good!! You are going to have to know where to go to get it good but there are some cracking little spots down around the Fujigawa area. Remember it's been a long time since great surf so you will have to be able to deal with a solid crowd of hot surfers all chomping at the bit to get good waves. But you should end up getting great sessions in. Swell then is due to stay with us for the next week solid so there will be plenty of other days to get it good. Get out there and enjoy it if you can.

Tuesday 20th August 2013 - Morning folks well this is what we call the lull before the storm , there is good news for all the hard core surfers among-st us who have been waiting more than a few weeks now for some solid surf. 2 huge low pressure systems down south are going to push us solid swell from the south from Thursday on-wards and then the main event will be early next week when we have a massive easterly Typhoon come in almost directly to Chiba and send mega swells at us. It really does look like we are set to get a solid week of swell. Winds should be variable so you are going to have to be mobile for it to get the pic of the places etc. But 100% there is size coming and its going to be good, so wax up and get ready. Today though is similar to yesterday small wind driven waves nothing more than 1-2ft. Get out there while you can.

Monday 19th August 2013 - Well its all over folks the long Obon weeks holiday is all behind us now, and the country is going to start getting back to normal really quickly this week and by next week im sure lots of Japanese will be talking about the Autum coming soon!! Argh!! For us though it means one thing . Typhoon season and swell season is finally here. The run up to Christmas now is by far the best time to be wave hunting in the perfect Pacific Island. And by the look of the long range forecast things are looking to get off to a good start with a super low coming up from the south followed by a massive Typhoon from the east , we will do a full report later tonight for you. Have a great day and check back tonight for a double update.

Tuesday 13th August 2013 - Right then folks we are heading deep into the week of Obon here and the good news is it's going to be perfect blue sky weather and hot , the bad news its about as flat as it gets out there , all breaks have nothing more than a ripple rolling through , which will make all the beach bar owners and mothers happy as most of the fathers will be having to hang around with the family and do family things!! The good news though is that the Typhoon that has been building down south this whole time near the Philippians may get help up and then head NE towards Japan and even spawn a baby typhoon and start to send us crazy amounts of swell. But no guarantees as yet. Team SIJ will be heading out to Chiba HQ later in the week so we hope to see you in the water over the holiday break. Enjoy and have a good one and make sure you play safe!!

Monday 12th August 2013 - The week of Obon is here folks, and it is HOT HOT HOT, from today right through to Sunday is the main Summer Holiday week of the year. Expect all roads and all Surf Breaks to Busy Busy Busy. Drive safe and Play Safe this week traditionally also is the biggest week for accidents as well. Wave wise we are still stuck in the same rut that we have been for about the past 2 weeks or so. We have cold deep water coming up the coast and stinking hot weather which is causing unusually high amounts of Fog this is being coupled with a lack of swell. Most breaks again are in the 1-2ft face size but many of the classic breaks don't have waves at all. Any where there is a wave there will be a pack of surfers and tension will be running high so play nice. We are watching a low pressure system down near the Philippians but as of yet its any ones guess as to what it will do. A great week just to Chillax and hang with the family.

Thursday 8th August 2013 - Well folks not to much to say today apart from its a carbon copy of yesterday ut there , very much a fun summer style surf session to be had , waves are small but clean not much wind and it is stinking hot out there. Best place on the coast for sure size wise is top half of Chiba and bottom half of Ibaraki . Remember even though its mid week the roads will be busy as school are out and we are deep into the holiday season. But the beaches will be full of Japanese girls in Bikinis which i know will make some very happy indeed. Also Tahiti Billabong Pro is due to get underway soon well worth checking out the website to get your head round this world classs reef break. Click Here

Wednesday 7th August 2013 - One more stunner of a day folks, many places had some thunderstorms last night but have woken up now to a glorious day , there is some surf kicking around still for those who want it. Similar to yesterday with most of the size being in the Ibaraki area but ridable waves at most breaks , smaller as you go south. Some good friemds of SIJ have made base camp on Nijima for the next 3.5 weeks so we should get some nice photos from any good swell hitting the island over this period. We have a close eye also a a potential storm that may develop down south and then become a Typhoon i know many local surfers have there entire body crossed for this event. Only time will tell. Also Tahiti Billabong Pro is due to get underway soon well worth checking out the website to get your head round this world classs reef break. Click Here

Tuesday 6th August 2013 - Well its the start of one more stinking hot day ou there folks, but we have some waves although not super clean as there is a little bit of easterly wind about that is messing a lot of things up for us. Similar patterns to the past few days with most of the size being up and around the Top part of Chiba or into Ibaraki. Big sets are in the head high range which will make a lot of people happy. Looking ahead though this week seems to be a similar pattern with a little low building of the coast of Chiba into Ibaraki but next week we finally may see our next Typhoon of the year building way down south!! Check our Facebook page for images. This could set the Obon holiday week up to be an outstanding event. Also Tahiti Billabong Pro is due to get underway soon well worth checking out the website to get your head round this world classs reef break. Click Here

Monday 5th August 2013 - Good morning to one and all out there. Well that was a real mixed bag of a weekend folks we have to say. Firstly we finally had some great waves with the low sitting up over Ibaraki pushing some very solid swell on Saturday , the break of Kujigawa was pumping with double over head sets for most of the day, then on Sunday the bottom half of Ibaraki got so big it started to close a lot of breaks out. However round the hook at the top of Chiba things were still very clean with really nice waves coming through. Anywhere Hebera down though was basically flat. SO back at SIJ HQ in Katsura some of the crew went on a SUP and Snorkel tour around the bay, stunning water quality with amazing sea life as well. Back to today though we still have some waves but the wind has picked up a little but most places are bigger than they have been for a long time. This week is also going to get really really hot by the weekend days will be 35 plus. Get out there if you can and enjoy the day. It truly is stunning right now.

Friday August 2nd 2013 - Fantastic Friday Finally Folks ! for many it has been another long grind of a week within the office. Those weekend Warrior's among-st us longing to get out to the beach for a break and a bit of a surf . Well its all now just a matter of hours away. Today though is a carbon copy of the past few days light variable winds, small s1-2ft swell this time coming down from the north and not much tide movement Its going to be hot and sunny in many places and this will be the same pattern for the whole weekend too. We will see the North wind pick up though thought the day today and into tonight before again even that dies off. Gonna be a typical balmy hot summers weekend out there folks perfect for messing around by the ocean Just play safe and respect mother nature at all times.

Thursday August 1st 2013 - Morning to one and all on the 1st Day of August 2013 , for many though in the usrf world it is going to be a wet and small surf day! But not to worry there are always plenty more other days ahead of us to be scoring big time. Today really like the last few weeks , we have variable light winds and very small weak 1-2ft surf at almost all breaks.The shallow surf breaks or the reefs up and down the coast will be working the best for sure. Not much going on with the Tides so same as yesterday if you see a wave jump straight in and surf it as long as it last's. Big things in August are of course the Obon week worth of vacation time,and endless amounts of local fire work displays. Fingers crossed if we are lucky as well we will see this small wave period come to an end and start to see some real Japanese pumping surf action.