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2011/2012 Bali Surf Trip

5 team riders this year trying to score as many of the top spots as possible, and documenting it in any way possible, video and photo, as a daily account of what we got up to and the type of conditions we scored.

One more year and one more surf trip. Stoked!! Enjoy

2010 /2011 Bali Surf Trip A day to day diary about our Trip to Bali for 3 weeks in December/January 2010 /2011 including links to photos and video that we took along the way.

A really great read or a source of useful information for those going to Bali for the first time.

We hope you Enjoy as we definitely did.

A story about a Storm that grew out of the ocean 1000 miles away, faked us all with a classic piece of misdirection, by heading East then bent back on herself to track NW and started to gather force and mutated into a Typhoon which was officially named 'MALAKAS'.Once Named HE/SHE turned up the heat sucked in a storm to the North of Japan, stole that storms energy and started packing winds over 140km/h directed right at us = YA HOOOOooooo!!

She changed direction again and started moving right at us - a perfect track for the top half of Honshu in Japan.

Swell started hitting the shore on Friday night, Peaked on Saturday morning and carried right through to Sunday, and if you'd had the time and the energy after 3 epic days of surf in Chiba you could've followed the waves north as Ibaraki and Fukushima all got good.

After a very flat hot Summer this is what we all needed.


Written : September 2010

Typhoon Malakas

A quick look at the Typhoons of 2009.

April 23rd / 24th 2011. 1 day of weather from hell followed by one day from heaven.An Epic Day for Team SIJ

Interstyle 2011 Yokohama Japan

The Surfing In Japan Team jumped on the train and went down to Yokohama to visit "InterStyle 2011" which is one of Asias largest Trade fairs for

Skate / Surf & Snow Traders

2011 Season Typhoon "Songda" May 25th - June 3rd

2011 and the 2nd Typhoon of the year. Up here in Kanto region, Shonan and Chiba, Songda sent waves for a good few days, and when everyone thought she had gone past without showing her best she surprised us all & produced "EPIC" condition's.

Okinawa, Kyushu, Shikoku, Wakayama, Izu, Shonan, Chiba, Ibaraki, Fukushima - Every where on the Pacific got good waves Pre or Post

and sometimes Pre & Post her passing.

Songda's track up the Pacific side of Japan was good, too close to be really perfect, but still a lot of places got really really good.

Typhoon No.6 "MAON" July 15th - 25th 2011

This Typhoon started of slowly and stayed that way the whole time never going faster than 15km an hour , amazing surf pumping at us for no less than 10 days straight.

Golden Week Surf Session 2011 Diary’s by Team Surfing In Japan

Set waves were in the 3-4ft face range, wind was off shore but the water was colder than normal, 5.00am start, only a few out when we got in, a fun session full of back door barrel riding practice, just taking of grabbing the rail and picking a line, heaps of fun even if the drops were only 4ft. there must have been 100 plus in the water by the time we got out for lunch at 12.00pm.

Nijima Surf Trip

This is a daily diary about our trip to this fantastic little island just off the coast from Tokyo, August 2011 will forever be burned into or minds as one of the best trips with some of the best waves we have ever had. Amazing. Some great Pictures. Enjoy

Typhoon No.16 2012 (Samba)

Team SIJ headed to Shizuoka to hook up with the local surf crew and they scored big time with a solid session of Barrel riding and some of the best beach break they have ever seen in Japan. A day that we will always remember.