Surfing In Japan Photo's Section

Photo's really do say a thousand words, and at Surfing In Japan we go to great lengths to get those magic photos.

We are so lucky now we live in the digital age, ten years ago was the age of film and only a select few professionals were able to get those shots that blew us all away. We try to embrace new technology and get our hands on it as soon as possible. If you like this site help us make it even better by sending us your favorite surf pictures. We will credit you for them.

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The front page pictures are saved here.

Welcome to our " Archive photo log "

Snap shot of the past.

parading up and down the shore and in the line-ups around Japan.

A little look at the latest and greatest bikini fashion that can be found

Welcome to our "Japanese Beach Girls "

If your break is not here let us know, If you are a keen Photographer

and would like to participate let us know.

Thanks to digital cameras and people with passion, daily photos of the

beach are a common thing.

Welcome to our " daily break photos "

Scroll though and you might a find a picture of you at your local break

Welcome to our " photo albums "

This is the bank vault - the place where we store all our pictures.

Browse at your own leisure we are always adding new ones.

Have fun because we certainly did taking them.

Welcome to our "Friends Photo Pages"

We meet many great people on our travels and sometimes they send us

some stunning surf pictures that they are happy to share.

Home Breaks

Surf Trips


Well this is where they live - enjoy.

Welcome to our "BALI Photo Pages"

Here you will find great pictures from times we have jumped on the short

plane ride across to Bali or other parts of Indonesia.

A great way to see some of the great waves on offer in this wonderful


We hope you enjoy them.

Also find video Here

Or Photo Montages Here