Hirotoo Ohara Barrel Sequence Japan

Hiroto Oohara Barrel Sequence

A big comp up north had been going on at the Olympic site of Shidashita , but the wind had been strong out of the north and the comp was on hold so all of Japans top pros were out on the hunt for quality waves being sent from the Recent Typhoon , the pulse was in the 6-8ft range around 12 second period out of the East North East, Just right for the famous beach break of "obachans" (old lady) here in Hebara .

Hiroto Oohara one of Japan's top Olympic potentials & Hurley rider paddled out and initially started picking off quality set waves. After about 20 mins this nice one rolled through & he took off & showed why he is where he is in the surfing ratings. We will let the images say the rest.

Always good seeing you in the water here in Hebara Hirotoo, good luck in the months leading up to the Olympics.

Photos by Dane Gillett