JUNE 2013

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Friday 28th June 2013 - Well after all the Epic surf of yesterday folks (Kanagawa Magic, perfect 2-4ft surf pumping in all morning creating stunning rippable conditions all morning) we today are left with a dropping swell as it moves away to the north light winds though. So its going to be a great morning out there after we get past the massive fat high tide of 6.00am. 100% get out there and enjoy it right now if you can because the weekend is not looking to sharp! In fact it looks like the weekend will be plagued by some very nasty easterly wind patterns meaning on shore and junk in many many places. In other news Congratulations goes out to Parko for winning the Oakly Pro in Keramas Bali a outstanding event with some truly Epic conditions during the event. (NewFacebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Wednesday 26th June 2013 - Well we still have our gloomy sky's and small swells and high tides hanging around folks, very much feels like ground hog day. If you are out and about hunting down some action just like yesterday timing is going to be everything with the tides playing a huge roll today. look to be out on the mid to low tide. Looking ahead later on in the week and we have a south swell heading our way but with an unusual North wind as well which will keep things cool The month of July is now fast approaching and with it will bring the start of the real heat as well as school holidays and the real beach season for one and all. Enjoy those last few uncrowded weeks before all hell breaks lose. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Tuesday 25th June 2013 - Morning to one and all , what is going on in the world of surfing here in Japan i here you all cry? Well this morning pretty much the same as the past few days small east to south east swell in the 1-2ft range almost everywhere this coupled with thee full moon and high tides means you have to look at what time you are getting in the water more than anything as most places are going to be fat through the high tide. The shallow beach breaks up north in Chiba will produce some of the best waves in these conditions and if you out a few hours after the high tide has gone you could have a great session going into the low. Weather wise we still have our rainy season cloud cover with a light chance of rain. Looking ahead into the week some chance of swell from the south is possible but my feeling is we will have to wait to get out of the rainy season pattern before things really start to crank. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Monday 24th June 2013 - Team SIJ are back after a weekend out at the coast chasing Typhoon Leepi swell and the band news is that she never really produced anything more than chest high in the wave department. But the good news is that it was great to be in the water in just board shorts and a tupper top. Back to this week though and we are looking at a real mixed bag weather wise today cloudy with rain then the rest of the week similar with a lot of cloud cover coming from multiple lows coming outta the west and being sucked up the coast and out easterly into the pacific. Rainy season flow basically. The temp's are going to be cool which is good news and many days will be around 24 to 25 degrees so comfortable. If your after waves though it's going to be a week where using the technology to your advantage will pay dividends . Check the cams to see where is picking up the most swell and head for that spot. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Friday 21st June 2013 - Lull before the storm then folks, we have awoken to a grey skied day yet again , but dont worry we only have to wait until Sunday then we will see the sunshine yet again. Leepi is on its way up the coast as we speak , so the day should play out a little like this, we should see swell start to build from the south but the winds are going to turn up as well there could be some solid conditions around for the late afternoon session today for sure. But then while it is dark Leepi so hit the Chiba coast line first with some hard easterly winds but by 3.00am those should have swung full circle and be coming from the west to north/west with the best part of the swell hitting as well. If we are really lucky that will leave us with some perfect conditions on the Chiba coast line for a good 6 hours until the winds start switching yet again. By Sunday Leepi will be well gone leaving us with a perfect clear sky day hot sunshine and some smaller conditions ideal for all levels. 1 thing is for sure it's going to be a fun weekend. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Thursday 20th June 2013 - Ground Hog day out there today folks we still have the dark grey sky's with us but the south winds have eased up a little bit. But this really is just the Lull before the storm as the low from yesterday has just moved away from the Chiba Coast line and started to stretch out which is now opening the door for Typhoon "リーピ" Leepi to make its way up from down south. If the predictions sty the same it should be over Chiba on Saturday and pushing some pretty big swells with it. It will be kinda to close for perfection and we are going to have hard easterly winds for some time but then as we know those will switch and we will be left " fingers crossed" with perfection. Any way Bali pro is on today with a great Camera so well worth watching if you have time. (New Facebook Fan Page Here) get out there and enjoy the day.

Wednesday 19th June 2013 - Well our wind has picked up as predicted and so has the swell but it is really messy and not clean at all. Winds are stll very much hard from the south. Kanagawa is super junk as are almost all breaks bar the ones that work well in this which as we know are Chikura to the bottom of Chiba and Taito which is in the middle of Chiba. We of course have Ibaraki but the swell is just not working its way in there. Just like yesterday we also have a lot of cloud cover with us which is making things very very muggy and we have a chance of rain for sure. It also looks like this pattern will be with us for a few days to come before finally settling down towards the weekend. It is however going to get cooler before its going to get warmer . Next Monday looks to be around the low 20's some people will like that for sure. (New Facebook Fan Page Here)

Tuesday 18th June 2013 - Morning to one and all, not a great day out there today folks we have some solid South winds with little to no swell around which basically adds up to it not being a super fun day to be out on the water. Also we have a lot of cloud mass around as well. Really if your are out and about trying to hunt a wave down then your best bet is going to be the bottom of Ibaraki but the waves will be small but at least winds will be off-shore. Looking ahead we have a low starting to develop just off the coast of Chiba and a solid low down below Okinawa but it looks like the low up here will stall the one below and then they will merge and basically cancel each other out. But as we know all to well these things are so hard to predict and they can change day by day . In a nut shell we should have some surf later on in the week. Hope you have time to get out there and enjoy it.

Monday 17th June 2013 - We are back folks, and we will get straight back into it for you with todays report. We are officially heading into the rainy season here now. Things are going to get hot and humid from this point on-wards very quickly. But by the end of July we should be into the Japanese summer and it will be board shorts the whole way. After the great waves of last week as well it looks like we may be having a few days of small stuff. Today every where is similar with little to no wind and 1-2ft waves. This week we will have a mid tide situation so when you rock up to a break chances are it will stay the same most of the day. Team SIJ were lucky enough to get invited to Warrior Dash Japan over the weekend we had a great time and the event was a huge success Thousands of people put on their costumes and ran around the 5km course and over giant obstacles along the way. We will post large pictures onto our Facebook page later. Ikoneuropubs & Craft Beer Trader who were running the food and drink also have a few hundred stunning pictures going up in the next few days make sure you check them out. Remember if you can get out into the water and enjoy it Summer is almost here.

Thursday 13th June 2013 - Well what can we say the last two days have been nothing short of EPIC!! Luckily enough Team SIJ have been down in Kanagawa for the past 2 days catching some solid surf that is being thrown off Typhoon No.3 of the season Yagi. We got to ride an Epic session out at Inamuragaseki near Schigi in Shonan until dark last night. Waves in the head and a half size range.Our good mates over at Air-Sup put us up for the night. Outstanding fellas thanks! Then again today by mid afternoon the swell was back and firing again, it looks like Yagi is going to head out into the pacific now and lose some of its strength but we will still have swell for a few days to come. Congratulations to Kelly Slater for winning the Fiji Pro Live is was here. For us though it's off to bed early ready to head out again in the morning.

Wednesday 13th June 2013 - Midweek Madness is ON!!! Our Typhoon Swell has started to arrive from Yagi and looks to be building as the morning goes on. At time of writing Kanagawa has the magic starting to happen with all the reefs having some great waves and the beaches producing some seriously macking sets! As we move into Chiba things are still good but not as clean and with not so much size a lot of the reefs out there though will have nice waves moving back down the country into Izu the breaks of Tatado etc are all working well with lots of size as well. The weather is grey with light rain and the temps are down as well so you will need your wet suit today for sure. All in all a great day of Typhoon Swell riding is on the cards so get out there and enjoy it.. Fiji Pro is on again check it out Live is here. .

Tuesday 11th June 2013 - Right then straight into it, our phone and Voxer has not stopped over the last 36hrs with people trying to check with u what is going on with this Typhoon swell. So here it is in writing. We should ee an outer band of swell arrive some time later in the afternoon in the early evening it will be SSE 160 degrees at about 12 seconds and about 1.7m it will also be very pulsey due to it coming from 1000km's plus away. Kanagawa should get it as will certain breaks like Hebera the wind is going to be an issue so again Kanagawa magic should hapen with off-shore winds down there. Wednesday morning is looking good as well. Right now though at time of writing early Tuesday morning things are looking very grey and very average especially as there is a super high tide again. Today is going to be a day of waiting around to see what happens. Fiji Pro is on again check it out Live is here. .

Monday 10th June 2013 - The lull before the storm is what today and tomorrow is all about folks , we have Typhoon No.3 (The Goat) pushing solid swell in our direction as we speak. She has been down south for a few days now pushing that long period swell our direction. If things fall into place it could be very good and very solid. Winds are going to be the only thing we need to be aware off. This weekend just gone was a great one for surf as well with Saturday day being stunning in and around Chiba. Sunday was a lot smaller but the Northern breaks got some good conditions. Again remember we are now full on into surf competition time of year as well as busy season so make sure you do a few checks before heading out to your favorite local break. With a lot more folks in the water as well remember tensions will be running high so play fair and be respectful so everyone can have a good time. Fiji Pro on hold until 11.00am Live is here. .

Friday 7th June 2013 - So this morning is our stormy day as we have our big low pressure system coming up the coast ,at time of writing we have escaped most of it in Tokyo but you can see the front sitting out in the ocean on the webcams (Impressive) all breaks in and around the SIJ surf area are looking a bit sad really today , Kanagawa is flat Chiba small but on shore and Ibaraki small with little to no power. This will change though as we head in to tomorrow as we will see the wind switch and go off-shore and hopefully the swell increase a small amount. We also have great tides with some big highs early AM running down to super low's at 10.00am about (0.06) Also looking ahead we have the first Typhoon of the season forming down south that will push some solid south swell our way so fingers crossed we should see the major reef breaks working next week. Wax up your big guns. Fiji Pro on hold until 11.00am Live is here. . Like we said last week the swell season is here, get out there and enjoy it.

Thursday 6th June 2013 - Lull before the storm is call today , we have a solid low pressure system sitting down south that is slowly going to make it's way up to Chiba over the next 36hrs. Today we have small 1-2ft east swell but with east winds as well so everything is really a little bit fluffy. Lower half of Ibaraki again is the best place to be going as it's clean off shore and 2-4ft waves. We should see the rain move in later tonight and be with us most of the day tomorrow but as if like magic late Friday night the winds will change and go perfect off-shore in Chiba and it looks like we will be left with perfect 4-6ft surf and perfect weather. Fingers crossed. The big boys are out at the Fiji Pro again Live is here. so it's a great day to be watching it live on the net. Like we said last week the swell season is here, get out there and enjoy it.

Wednesday 5th June 2013 - Mid week here in Japan then folks and it's one more perfect day weather wise! Blue sky and light winds! Wave wise things are looking a little bit small and you really should be trying to get north if you are trying to score. Those shallow beach breaks are working the best at time of writing. Ibaraki is looking clean and fun with a little more size than Chiba. Cracking Sunset's well worth sticking around for. Looking ahead we have the first official Typhoon of the season about to pop up on the radar down south, looks it should form into Sunday and start swinging up the coast early next week. If it tracks right we could be onto a winner. Fiji pro has kicked off in quality clean fun sized waves in Fiji so well worth watching if your kicking around in an office today. Live is here. Enjoy your day and get out there if you can.

Tuesday 4th June 2013 - Right then straight into here folks, the sun is out the sky is blue and we have waves in the top half of Chiba and also Ibaraki! It is a perfect early summer morning session little to no wind and endless amounts of fun fun surf. Kujukuri is the go today for sure with endless empty banks running up onto shallow sand. Also Ibaraki comes into play with the water just a little cooler but again with endles empty breaks and a few nice little reef spots like Oarai or Todai. We will get into the rest of the week forcast for you later tonight but i think we have some solid quality surf on it's way. Fiji pro has kicked off in quality clean fun sized waves in Fiji so well worth watching if your kicking around in an office today. Live is here. Enjoy your day and get out there if you can.

Monday 3rd June 2013 - Back to work then for the greater population this morning. After what was a insane weekend, lots happening Epic Surf Saturday, ASP 4**** Star Quicksilver Open event out in Chiba ASP 4star QUIKSILVER OPEN Pictures Here Congratulations to Mitch Crews. Murasaki Open Comp down at Maruki Kamogawa and A Ocean Festival in SeaSide Park Kamogawa. Today though wave wise what do we have on offer well North Chiba is looking the best with waves coming through in the shoulder high range clean and with some power, Kanagwaw is Flat , and Ibaraki is looking wobbly at best. We are fast heading into the rainy season folks but swell season is here to stay, the water is warming up nicely it's going to be a good summer Enjoy your day folks, the weekend is not to far away. P.s our good friend Dave Yamaya has a great photo Album up of the Quicksilver event click here to view,

Sunday 2nd June 2013 - Well folks it's the end of the weekend of for team SIJ it was a good one. After our epic early morning session at Hebara on Saturday with Indo style waves on offer, we have backed that up with sessions at Maruki , Malibu and even Wada. Every one scored top rides and with the water nice and warm and the sun turning up Sunday afternoon we have no complaints. For us it was the first solid south east swell of the season and there should be lots more from where that came in the coming months. Next week looks like there will be some waves on offer as well. Get out there if you can. New photo albums from Hebara will be going onto our Facebook page later tonight make sure to check it out.