Hebera Beach is a Chiba classic, white sand clear blue water with stunning scenery as well as having some of the best Sunrises you will ever see location. Its also a swell magnet working under almost all conditions, every Japanese surfer knows about it and usually, when talking about it, everyone is referring to the reef in the middle of the beach. However this is only the main break on a beach just over 1.5km long with reefs north, central and south and sand bar beach breaks in-between. Really its a must see & SUP or Surf on any visitors list.


(From Tokyo) Traveling By Train - Only 1.5 hours from Tokyo Station

Try and take the "Wakashio Line Express Train" if they are not available take the other local one which takes about another 30 mins

When buying a ticket in at Tokyo Station there are two options on the express train (1. non-reserved seat 2. Reserved Seat ) the trains are big and you will always get a seat so save those extra $$$ for the beach and get a Non-Reserved seat and remember to look out the window parts of the journey are stunning.

The price for the Non Reserved seat is 3,280 yen *price subject to change

Local train is cheaper

SIJ Guest House is only a few Kms from each station and we offer a free station pick up to any guests coming for the first time.

There after there is a 500 yen per person pick up and drop off fee

(From Narita) By Train - Only 2h 17mins from Narita Airport

There is plenty of free parking at the main surf break of Hebera beach only a 5 min walk from our location.

Free public toilets and shower are also available if you plan to stay around a few days and get up to your own fun.

Take the Kaisoku Airport Narita Train to Chiba Station - 8 Stops

Change at Chiba Station

Soboto Line to Katsuura Station - 20 Stops

Price 1,940 Yen *price subject to change

Traveling By Car - Only 2 hours from Tokyo

If your traveling by car. The best time to travel is either very early morning or after 11.00am this way you will avoid the worst of the traffic and you will have much more enjoyable experience.

Take the Circular Route on the Shuto Express way towards Yokohama or Haneda.

Follow the signs for Tokyo Auqua Line (the very famous tunnel that goes under the bay)

(If your car is equipped with etc this will be around 800 yen if not it can be 3,000 yen plus)

Once through the tunnel take the Mobora Express way for a further 30kms

Exit at Ichiharatsurumai then take route 297 all the way to Katsura.

Then follow the signs to Hebera and Onjuku Beach

After use the Map below.

Travel time can be around 2 hrs with no trafiic

Distance is approx 100km

Guests staying at the house have free parking right out front just call us when you get close and we will direct you down the phone