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General Break Information
Shirahama gets great waves and on top of that it has white sand beaches and is really popular with the summer time beach crowd. Traditionally a 
The beach has four distinct Points, 

Prince -
Small reef
This point is called 
" Prince" 
As it is in front of the Price Hotel . It is a nice rock reef that breaks left and right and is a favorite of the locals due to it being nice and hollow.

Main Reef
Breaks left and right although the right funnels in right under the cliff and on big days can be dangerous.
Nice Rock reef bottom and a super fun wave

Centre -  
Sand -
This is called "Centre as it is in the Centre of the beach ,sand bottom and can be a very long ride.

Respo - 
sand covered rock bottom
So Called after the locals shop , this is bar far the best right hander in the aera when it is on, needs to be 5ft plus and clean but when it is its just like Bells, a steamtrain of a wall.

It is also home to many of Japans Surf competitions held from September onwards.(Boardgate 4 is one of the big ones)
Made Famous in the 80s for its night life, and party atmosphere. Every weekend this place would be packed. Ask any Surfer over                         the age of 45 and they will give you the run down of what they got up to in there wild days.

Area Guide
Ohama Beach: In the summer the lifeguards always keeps watch in the beach. Many countries people visit Ohama Beach. You may be able to experience fireworks, a Bon festival dance, etc. 

Shirahama Beach: Stretching along Route 135, this large trendy beach is famous for its white sand and surfing. There are many facilities, shops and restaurants. It’s definitely the place to see or be seen in Izu.

Shimoda Town: Shimoda, located on the southeastern tip of Izu, is a port town with a rich history. This was the place where Commodore Perry landed his Kurofune, (black ships), in 1853. 

The coastline around Shimoda is blessed with many beautiful beaches, which attract numerous surfers, scuba divers, sunbathers and people just wanting to relax. In addition, good onsens(hot-spring) and delicious seafood make it a more pleasant alternative to the busier resorts up north. If you want to tour the area by sea, there are many bay cruises departing from the Shimoda harbor area. The ‘Black Ship’ cruise departs about every 40 minutes,

Round trip from Tokyo 

Best Tide: Low incoming
Best Swell Direction: ESE
Best Size: 4-6ft (Shoulder  to overhead)
Best Wind: West
Perfect-O-Meter: 4 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)
Bottom: Sand
Access:  A real issue if driving from Tokyo - a long way on very average roads, best is to go down the Tomei to Numazu (top inside Izu) and down the local roads from there - however you do it its tough. By Train is the easier and faster and hassle free way to get there.
Crowd Factor:  Weekends 7, weekdays 3 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo 
Local Vibe: Generally friendly
Water Quality:  2 (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)
Food:  Lots of restaurants near the beach and of course convenience stores, 

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Break Map
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Shirahama Beach Izu

Photos (photos from around this area)
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Shirahama Beach Izu

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