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The Bronx
A great Steak resturant 5 minutes walk from the beach on the corner of the main road.Eat dinner shoot some pool ,play some darts they even have an arm wrestling table.Huge plates of food with great service. See you next time Team Bronx

General Break Information

Ohama near the bottom of Izu is one of our team riders favorite winter hide outs. 
It catches more swell than other beaches near by and the bottom is good for generating waves from swells from all directions.

It is divided into two named breaks Ohama Maizo and Ohama Main
Maizo is the break directly in front of a small river and in the right conditions the wave will tube nicely.

This description from a local Surf Shop 
"This is the most powerful break in Izu. If size gets up, a hollow barrel will form and break in the middle. There is a good goofy wave on the left side of the break and an A frame peak breaking both ways on the middle section. When there is a west or south west swell there is a good break on the right side. If there is a south swell it will be the best conditions here. Conditions are not good if there is an east swell. Keep in mind that there are many rocks although there is a left beach called MAISO beach on the left side of the river. Be careful not to break your board when the size goes up here! From the latter half of July until the end of August there are lifeguards on duty from 8AM until 5PM. Also, the surfing areas will be restricted. During this period there is also a fee for parking."

A white sand beach with crystal clear waters and every facility you could want, toilets, showers, shops and restaurants. It feels like you are surfing in southern France.
We recommend going down here any time in early spring or Autumn. There are endless other things to do as well when there is no swell such as sand boarding, diving, fishing, bike riding, or going for a walk along this stunning peninsula.

Access: By train is the easiest and means you can avoid the horrendous weekend traffic. By car is the preferred means if you want to move around and check out a few different places
Round trip from Tokyo 

Best Tide: Mid Tide incoming
Best Swell Direction: South
Best Size: (waist to overhead)
Best Wind:  Off shore is - W ~ N  
Perfect-O-Meter:  4, (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)
Bottom: Sand
Access:  See above
Crowd Factor:  Holidays 6, weekdays 3 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo 
Local Vibe: Mellow
Water Quality:  2 (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)
Food:  Lots of local resturants (see above for a recommendation) + the ubiquitous Convenience Stores

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Video 7 - Yoga Anyone?

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