Live Web Cam
We have a few web cameras but we are always looking for more, so if you know of any please let us know. 

Muroran Light House 

This camera is on top of the local light house and gives nice views out over the ocean , if you can see the lines using this then the local beaches will be pumping. 

Hakodate Mt View 

This is not really a Surf Check cam but you can see the ocean , but more importantly you can see a absolutely stunning view of this part of the Hokkaido coastline and this fantastic city.
Even at night time the camera gives Disney style Twinkling pictures. Enjoy. 

Daily Photos
There a 100s of bloggers in Hokkaido but not to many that do daily photo uploads below is a pick of the best that we know of.

Surf Shop Real Drive
Surf shop owner updates a daily blog often with photos of a near by break. 
Nice guy with a great shop.

Brayz Surf Shop
The owner of this surf shop gets out most days and takes a few pictures of his local break near his home
You will often see pictures of him with his dog as well. 
Keep up the good work!

Hakodate Surf & Snow 
A nice blog , that is written by a local Photographer that loves to surf and snowboard, he does not update daily
but when he does the quality of the images is always worth a look.

Surfing Hokkaido Rishiri Wave
This website seems to get updates from time to time with local wave photos, and sometimes video to, the owner has also gone on a yearly surf trip to the Mentawis by the look of it. 

Middle Age Surfing Diary (Hamaatsuma 浜厚真)
Local surfer keeps this blog updated with fantastic pictures and good write ups although they are all in Japanese. His local break gets some super good waves especially in the Typhoon season. 

Local Information & Recommendations Photo Map
Click the link below to view our interactive map with photos and information of the break and surrounding area.
(All photos are Located using GPS coordinates for pin point accuracy)
Coming Soon we have a plan to go up to Hokkaido this Summer 2011, we will have our GPS Cameras ready to snap as we go

General Break Information

Hamaatsuma 浜厚真

This is a great beach set up with a river mouth at one end as well, it is also a shallow beach which creates perfect little sand bars on the right day. Great for Beginners through to expert level riders, there is a very strong local crew though so when its pumping show your respects.
Works best on a south swell from May to October
Video of this break "Click Here"

Yuuhutsu 勇払

A great break when the wind is up on many of the other local points as it is protected
by the high land .
Although super heavy with locals , advise only surf here if you know one of them.

Shiraoigyokou 白老漁港

This point catches all the southeast swell and is sand bottom the whole way out, a great break that on its day has perfect little sand beach break barrels on it. Can get really crowded though.

Itankihama イタンキ浜

This beach break can get really busy in the summer time with many surfers camping out for days at a time. it is offshore in a Northwest and catches southeast swells , right in tight by the sea wall on a typhoon can produce wedgey type waves which are famous for being ridden by a local body board crew.

Toi 戸井

Really only every gets big here in a typhoon swell other wise it is only really any good as a long board or Sup point however, its a great place to go camping , diving and fishing, with a family or friends.

Nakamurashita 中村下

This is Hakodate main beach , there are many points along it as the beach is very long, again it only really gets big on a typhoon swell as it is so protected, but a great place to hang out in the summer for sure.

Furubira 古平

The river mouth setup, This is one of Hokkaido's best known winter month setups , it has a really shifty sand bar that moves a lot due to the volumes of water coming out of the river, but when its one , the locals say it can be epic. 
Have to be lucky though to get it good.

Kingchanchimae 金ちゃん家前

Not to much know about this point apart from its a winter break point and friends have recommended us to check it out at some point. If you beat us to it please let us know how it was.

Shioya 塩谷 (しおや)

One of the mecca points in Hokkaido , meaning one of the busiest , this place has endless amounts of peaks, and is great for any level surfer, , many people will camp as its the thing in Hokkaido, go for 3,4,5 days at a time with family and friends and just hang out , kinda Euro style.

Bisyabetsu 毘砂別 ( びしゃべつ)

This break again is based around a river mouth , meaning lots of sand movement and some strong rip tides, again being a winter break , its not for the faint hearted, Because its further North as well there are normally less people here as well.
Everyone says well worth a look.

Segoshi 瀬越(せごし)

This beach has a large population so the waves here can get busy, its has tetra pod setup like many of the other beaches in Honshu so it has that feeling of safety, very easy to get a cheap room for a night here in one of the many local hotels, a few wild bars to go to in the evening as well so we have heard.

Motomura 元村(もとむら)

Rishiri Island - Known as one of the most Northerly places to surf in Japan , that is well known anyway.
There are over 10 surfable points on the Island but it is highly recommended that you only surf with a local person ,as there are many factors that come into play as im sure you can well imagine. Point breaks galore though from what we here. Well worth a 1 week surf trip if getting of the beaten track is your thing.

Access:  It is very easy to get to Hokkaido by Car you can take a Car ferry from Honshu, by Plane you can land at over a dozen local Airports, Car Rentals are easy and there is no end of Fantastic accommodation to chose from, and the food is simply some of the best Japan has to offer, Summer months are blessed with warm sunny days.

Round trip from Tokyo: By plane the flights are from 20,000 yen return up to 100,000 yen depending on what time of year 
Car ferry can be 15,000 Yen one way, and the tolls from Tokyo if traveling outside the cheap times can be over 15,000 yen one way.
For this reason , the only way it really is feasible to do a road trip is if there is 3 or 4 of you in one car and you plan to go for a week or so.
Other wise our advise would be suck up the cost of taking your board on the plane and fly up , and rent a car when you arrive you will save a lot of time and money in the long run. One thing is for sure though it will be a trip of a lifetime.

Extra Video,maps,links & information see below. 
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Click on the videos below to visit our YOU TUBE Channel where we keep all our HD videos.We hope you enjoy them.

Hokkaido Pumping in the snow some monster waves here. Going Hard!

Great video with great music of the locals tearing some Hokkaido surf to pieces, well worth a watch.

An amazing video shot by a local crew, Well edited with great music as well,showing 
the quality of Hokkaido surf, Empty line ups and friends having fun.

Pumping / Pumping / Pumping Local boys Surfing great swells , some on Bright Pink Boards!

Break Map
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Hokkaido Break Map

Photos (photos from around this area)
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Hokkaido Surf Photos

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