This area was hit Hard by the March 11 Tsunami  and is within the Nuclear power station zone - unsure of the current status

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Because it does have such a strong local following we can not count it out, but its up to them if they share it with the world.

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Again none as yet, but if we start surfing there regulary you never know we may be able to get a local to start helping us out.

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Toyoma is one of the homes of surfing in Fukushima, the nearby towns of Koriyama and Iwaki seem to have large and vibrant surfing populations and the beach is super popular. Talking to Chiba and Ibaraki surfers about Toyoma and the single reoccurring theme is that this break is famous for having pretty heavy locals, one Chiba shop owner telling me it would be better to paddle out away from the main peak of even drive to find another beach. 

The best takeaway from this is that the waves must be good enough to be protective over and the surfers must be good enough to have some control.  Paddled out and surfed. The beach area is clean and well cared for and the houses are often new looking modern beach houses mixed with classic old Japanese houses that have been well looked after and have nice large beautiful gardens. 

In addition there is a car park, toilet & shower block overlooking the middle of the beach - great place to take the family.

General Break Information

A large sandy bay with a banana sweep from the North to the South. The northern part of the beach is sort of protected from the North Winds and the beach seems very flat so I am guessing any ripple of a swell will form a breaking wave. 

The biggest problem will be big short period (wind) swells where getting out to the take off zone will be difficult. 

Premium conditions will be 1 - 2m swell and light winds from the West.

It seemed that the better surfers control the break in the North corner while intermediate surfers were happy a bit further down the beach.

Access: By train to Iwaki Station then take a local bus out to the coast or jump a cab, much easier to head a little further North to Yotsukura as the train station is just 500m from the beach and conditions are very similar to Toyoma. By car its 420km round trip.
 Head up the Joban highway to the Iwaki exit and head north till you can turn left onto route 6 and then left again onto route 15, the coast road. 

Best Tide: Low tide on the sand bars and a mid to high tide on the reef breaks
Best Swell Direction: South East - North East
Best Size: 4-6 ft (chest to overhead)
Best Wind: West
Perfect-O-Meter:  7 (1= 1 ft wind slop; 10 = G-Land)
Bottom: Sand
Access:  By car is easiest (see above)
Crowd Factor:  Holidays 7, weekdays 3 (1 = Pipeline in Summer; 10 = Tokyo 
Local Vibe: Serious locals
Water Quality 2 (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)
Food:   bring it with you 

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Toyoma Break Map

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Toyoma January 2011

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