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Hello from SIJ since 1997 & the old boys since 1990 Above are daily photos from around Japan we update them in the morning & afternoon.

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Monday 28th July - 12th August 2014 - Well folks its finally here the time to pack the bags and sunblock and head to the Mentawai's in Indonesia for our Japan All Star Surf Trip it has been in the making for rather a long time and a personal dream of mine for more than 6 years. I can not tell you how stoked i am to be taking 4 of Japans best and my good friend and world renowned professional photographer Pete Leong on a trip of a lifetime to what is often refereed to as some of the best waves in the world. Whats even better is that it looks like mother nature is going to do her thing as we have 8-14ft / 16 second long period swells due in from a mega storm deep south. I would also like to take this time to thank all our readers and the people close to me for their great support without them all again none of this would be possible. We will be updating our Facebook pages as and when we have internet connection to keep you posted and of course when we come back we hope to have some stunning images and video for you all. Until then keep up the stoke and enjoy 2 weeks of summer sun here in Japan. Facebook Links - SurfinginJapan / SurfJapan / MentawaiBlueJapan / MentawaiBlue . 

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"About Surfing In Japan January" 2011 - We are focused on - Izu, Kanagawa (Shonan), Chiba, Ibaraki, Fukushima

Information you need to get to the breaks and time it well, No claims made about swells as only Huhey knows when and what swells he is going to send us. Generally we will include best swell direction, best wind direction and the best tides to aim for to score quality waves.
 (Due to the request of respected locals - there are some locations that we only provide 'general' information about - if you are visiting and keen on a specific location and break email us and we'll try and point you in the right direction)

Everyone at 'Surfing in Japan' surfs and when not in the water spend huge amounts of time checking weather maps,  tracking swells all focused on scoring the best waves next time out. We are NOT locals - instead we drive from Tokyo up to 250km South East North and (sometimes) West hunting for the best waves on offer. In general, this means trips from the bottom of Izu to the top of Fukushima and includes Shonan, Chiba and Ibaraki. All year, all season.  (no longer Fukushima until the all clear is given after the March 11 earthquake)

Dozens of years of taking notes on everything surf related is now at an end. 20+ notebooks are for all intents and purposes useless as the information they hold is inaccessible when we need it most - that is chasing a storm and hunting for the perfect setup to score epic waves while most of the country are sheltered behind closed doors. This site is mobile friendly so the information in those notebooks is now useful and at some stage in the future will include some unique links to finding offshore conditions in any weather pattern. Chase around and explore the links on the left of the page to discover a host of surfing related trivia. 
Hope you score epic waves. 

Some Useful Japanese Surfing Talk Translations.

Wave height is a constantly debated question so we have made the simple graphic to the left to show how we report wave size.

Swell height -  is an open ocean, deep water measurement. Swells turn into waves as they reach the shoreline. The bottom contour of the beach where the wave finally breaks determines size, type and style of the wave. (swell height is not wave height)

Wave heights - We assume we are looking from the beach at a surfer riding a wave and he is crouching at the knees

When surf reaches 8ft plus rip tides and currents increase exponentially. The sea at this size is the playground of experienced surfers and watermen. Take care and ask questions and if in doubt don't paddle out. 

Surfing In Japan Team
Look out for our team taking Photos, Video and doing interviews at your local break, they often have free goodies. See you out there