Below is our archive of daily wave report photos from September 2011.  AUGUST 2011 CLICK HERE

Summary of the month :  a few Typhoons that came through producing some good conditions at times, great comps from the ASP online taking everything to a new level. Weather was great bar those few days where Tokyo had a direct hit by the mother of all Typhoons, trees and debris everywhere.

Best memories of the month: 
1. One team SIJ member taking a trip to Sumatra and scoring great waves but blowing out his knee.
2. Surfing some great waves around Chiba .
3. 2 back to back long weekends, lazing around on the beach doing nothing but surfing
4. Seeing the back end of Typhoon Talas and having a monster session at Bunyu and me mate getting the barrel of his life, and nearly killing me on another wave

Biggest Wave Ridden: 18ft plus face , you can say ridden well in the wipeout!!!