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Wow we would love to get a few Cams down here as the locals seem to always be having loads of fun in the photos we get
But we really do think it is a bit of a tough call. Ah but you never know i suppose.

Daily Photos
A fantastic little site called Amami Wave Information that is up dated most days with more often that not fantastic photos.
The colour of the waters around this Island as well will take your breath away, Well worth stopping by daily to have a look.

Local Information & Recommendations Photo Map

Click the link below to view our interactive map with photos and information of the break and surrounding area.
(All photos are Located using GPS coordinates for pin point accuracy)
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General Break Information

This Island has many breaks around it and makes it a perfect place to go and visit for a short 3-5 day trip.
We strongly advise trying to hook up with a local surfer before you go as this will make your life a lot easier upon arrival, you will also need a car to get around in that cost around 10,000 yena day. Hotel accomadation is easy to get at around 4,000-12,000 yen a night including food. One more fun thing you can do is rent mountain Bikes or small 50cc scooters and go for a look around on them.

The other major past time on the island is diving , there are many shops that will cater to every divers need, and the island has some fantastic spots. dives range from 6,000yen to 15,000 yen depending on location and equipment rental.
We have been told that if your willing to go of the beaten track here as well there are other great breaks to be found.

Crowd Factor:  It is never busy 
Local Vibe: It is an Island so expect all the locals to know everyone out. Be respectful
Water Quality Simply Stunning
Food:  Lots of small local resistants but you will need to take food to some of the more remote beaches. 

Access: By Airplane or boat but we strongley suggest the airplane. About 1.5 hrs from Tokyo.
The Island is regularly serviced by JAL and ANA from Hanada airport 
Round trip from Tokyo - 20,000 - 50,000 yen round trip from Tokyo.

The breaks we know about at time of writing are.

Kamou - Reef - Advanced Surfers Only
This wave can be a super sucky barrel on its day.

Apologize - Reef - Advanced Surfers Only
Right and Left hander 

Gongen - Reef - Advance Surfers Only
Lots of current but rewards are big on good days left hander

Son Of God - Reef - Intermediate
More of a mellow take of than other points.

Villa - Reef - Intermidiate
Dreggy inside wave that funnels down the reef

手広 - Beach - Beginner
One of the only sand bottom waves on the island

鳩浜- Reef - Intermediate
Very much a locals point

山羊島 - Reef - Advance Surfers Only
Hard to get to but lefts and right avalible

Ohama - Reef - Advance Surfers Only
Fast and shallow

Castle - Reef/Beach - Beginner
Right handers on 2 main sections

Yoshinori - Reef - Beginner
Easy parking with an easy wave left and right A-frames

Extra Video,maps,links & information see below. 
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A look at a local crew out surfing Gongen
reef break on a slightly windy day.

Some solid swell rolling into castle reef point.
with a few locals out.

One of the locals has his under water camera rolling
on a good day, some nice riding on some great looking waves.

Break Map
Just click on the point you are interested in to view that individual breaks in's and out's from a real surfers prospective.
If you have any further information that may make this map better please email team at we are always happy to receive new data.

Amami Island Break Map

Photos (photos from around this area)
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AMAMI 奄美大島

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